Amazing things to see and do around the beautiful Lake Geneva

Amazing things to see and do around the beautiful Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva also called Lac Leman, is the largest lake in entire Switzerland. The lake curves along the border of France and a trip to this place is guaranteed to come with stunning scenery. Across the border, you can admire the amazing peak of Mont Blanc, whereas on the Swiss side you have the wonderful Jura Mountains. Here is a list of the most amazing things to see and do around the beautiful Geneva Lake.


If you are a fan of the legendary band Queen, then in Montreaux you will have the chance to admire the statue of famous Freddy Mercury. Also, let’s not forget that the band has actually recorded the bulk of their hit albums here. Furthermore, in this area of Lake Geneva, single men can find attractive lake Geneva escorts, who can be hired for the company. You can pay a girl to visit with you the wonderful city of Montreaux, or you can choose to spend a memorable night with her. No matter what you choose to do, this experience will surely be an amazing one, and you will have the most of your time spent in Geneva as well as in Montreaux. The entire area is spectacular, and you will be able to see amazing locations and also do a lot of fun things. Therefore, make sure you hire a girl from lEscort.

Lavaux vineyards

The Lavaux vineyards are without a doubt one of the most spectacular spots around the beautiful Geneva Lake. These vineyards stretch for around 30 kilometers along the banks of the lake. They are being used since Roman times. Until today, the vineyards still make some of the best wine in Switzerland, and tourists can easily visit them from any of the cities located along the Geneva Lake.

Caves ouvertes

We are sure that you will fall for the caves oeuvres, an amazing tradition that welcomes the beginning of spring in the Geneva Lake area. Every single year, all the wine producers open their doors in order to sell their wares at very affordable prices. In plus, many of the small villages from this region host their own events, including traditional Swiss food stalls that provide amazing dishes like raclette.


Lots of the tourists that visit this lake also head to Geneva or Montreaux, but the truth is that missing out on Lausanne would certainly be a huge mistake. This wonderful city is quite vibrant, and in plus, it has a lovely charm of its own, especially in the old town district. Climbing through its stunning hilly streets, you will come across various historic buildings, like Lausanne Cathedral. Lausanne is also known for its great local culinary experiences as well as amazing nightlife.

Jet d’Eau

While exploring the beautiful city of Geneva, you will inevitably see the cascade of water called Jet d’Eau. This fountain was at the beginning a safety valve for a hydroelectric plant, and today it is a steadfast landmark of the city of Geneva. We highly recommend you take a tour around Geneva’s lakefront, starting at the Jardin Anglais and ending at the Jardin Botanique which is on the opposite bank, so that you can take in the most amazing sights that this location has to offer.