Amazing tricks you should try in bed tonight

Amazing tricks you should try in bed tonight

Sex is healthy for the body and mind as well, and experiencing it at a deeper level is without a doubt something that we all should do in order to be sexually fulfilled. Therefore, if you are planning to improve your intimate life, but you do not have the necessary inspiration for that, then read this article and find out what tricks you should try in bed.

The card trick

Specialists in sex say that people should not have sex without actually talking about it, and about what they really want to try in bed with their partner. There are many couples who don’t ask for what they want because they are afraid that they will be judged and that they will not get what they want. However, if you don’t ask, you will definitely not get it, and over time you will develop lots of frustrations. This trick is something that lots of Geneva escorts prefer. These sex workers can teach you lots of interesting and exciting things you can do in bed, and if you ever have the occasion to date one, then you should never say no. If you want to try the card trick with your partner, then you must set the mood for a romantic evening, and then write all your sexual fantasies on the cards. Once you do so, you and your partner should read the card together, in order to turn all the fantasies into reality.

Improve the missionary position

How can you make a normal sex position an exciting one? Well, it is very simple. You need to go for the not-your-average-missionary trick. This trick involves stroking your man’s perineum, which is the small stretch of flesh located between the testicles and the anus. This spot is very often ignored because when it is caressed during sex, men feel absolutely amazing. You should not assume that the great favor of the vagina is enough because it is not like that. Therefore, don’t forget to gild the lily. Lots of men date escorts from lEscort because they can try anything in terms of sex without being judged, which is why you need to be quite a porn in bed with your partner.

You should not ignore the anus

In case you still haven’t explored the anus area, then you should think about trying it so that you can experience some amazing feelings and very intense orgasm. Whether you are a man or a woman, the anus area is extremely sensitive, and when it is touched it can offer incredible pleasure. Start exploring by gently circling the outside of your partner’s anus, by using your fingers or even your tongue. You can also try a small and thing vibrator for more intense sensations. Geneva girls are very experienced in this type of pleasure, and not only. They know exactly how to please even the most demanding men, and male escorts are also the same when it comes to satisfying their female clients who are looking for experiencing deep pleasure.