Are sexual fantasies healthy?

There is no doubt that each person has at least one sexual fantasy. It is a part of us that we all have and we have no reason to be ashamed. What is most important is to make sure you satisfy your fantasies so you don't become sexually frustrated. In addition, it is also essential that your fantasies do not hurt anyone and do not involve doing something dangerous. Otherwise, it is absolutely normal to have them and put them into practice.

You can try any fantasy you have, with an escort

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sexual fantasy

Fantasies could differ from men to women

Men and women have sexual fantasies, but they certainly differ. Some fantasies are very simple and easy to put into practice, while others are very complex. The unusual fantasies that women have, whether we talk about young or mature women, are: peeing on their partner, forced sex, and domination. When it comes to men, unusual sex fantasies are: peeing on one partner, sexual relations with two other men, and also domination.

These kinds of fantasies are not considered normal. If you have them, you should talk with a specialist to discover why you actually have them. Maybe you have had some childhood traumas that need to be solved so that you have normal sexual fantasies in the future. Even some XXX HD movies that have explicit and extremely unhealthy content can negatively influence a human's psyche. Therefore, it is recommended that when you notice an unusual sexual attraction, you talk to a specialist.

Sexual fantasies are normal to some limit

The easiest way to satisfy all your sexual fantasies is to resort to a professional escort. As I said earlier, as long as your sexual fantasies are normal, you should not wait and put them into practice. There are fantasies in which the location is very important and also in which both partners are romantic during sexual intercourse. For most men, the most common sexual fantasy is to maintain sexual intercourse with two women at the same time.

On the other hand, for women, the most common fantasy is to be subjected. Women like to be sexually dominated and are quite similar when it comes to men. However, sex specialists say that gentlemen have more sexual fantasies than women. In addition, a lot of women have fantasies about homosexual activities. In fact, many of them are actually homosexual and bisexual.

At the same time, many men also watch porn to put into practice everything that attracts them. This is an excellent way to get to know you better from a sexual point of view and discover your sexual fantasies in case you do not know what they are. Another interesting thing when it comes to sexual fantasies is that women are less susceptible than men to live their fantasies. It is very important that, in order to be sexually fulfilled, you satisfy all your desires.

It seems that the most popular fantasies include sexual massages, oral sex, and threesome. Also, people love sex in public, with a stranger, filming during sexual intercourse and rollers: dominate or be dominated. In short, there are millions of different sexual fantasies. Here are some things you need to know about the most common sexual fantasies and how to experience them safely.


It is among the most common sexual fantasies, but that does not mean that it does not wake up other fantasies. Before trying this, make sure you have a discussion with both your partner and a third person. It is very important to discuss what is the level of comfort and what are the limits imposed. After all, a couple should create their own rules around this experience. For example, without penetrations, kisses, or simply, the third person cannot stay overnight. By talking about all these things, you will actually ensure that you will have a memorable experience.

dominating during sexual intercourse

Role Play

Many people think about this: dominating during sexual intercourse or being dominated. This can arouse new dimensions throughout sexual activity, especially in couples. The most important thing when choosing to explore this fantasy is to expand that area of trust and communication. Plus, it is important to determine the role and if you feel right about it. Of course, this fantasy allows the use of sex toys as long as the partner agrees with this.

Sex in public

One thing is certain: sex in public is illegal! This is why many people have this fantasy they like to try something that is not allowed. If you want to have sex in public, do it at your own risk and as far away from the eyes of the world. If you want to practice sex in public, then you can choose to go on a trip with the tent where you can experience this fantasy as much as you want. Besides, you can do it without risking too much.


We could say that this is one of the most common fantasies of women. To do this, everything must be full of sensuality. Tell your partner that you want to take things much easier when you have sex. Spend more time knowing your bodies, playing, and in this way, you will get more pleasure and orgasm. Regardless of the fantasy you want to try, to explore, you have to be very open and honest in front of your partner.