Bedroom tips from an escort

How Lugano escorts work


There is a lot to learn from an escort. Not only men but women as well can learn some interesting and useful things. Here are some bedroom tips from an escort, tips that will certainly help you improve your intimate life.

Look and feel sexy

Lugano escorts say that every woman should invest in sexy lingerie. Men don’t like seeing their partners in boring and unattractive lingerie. So, if you want to add some spice to the bedroom, then you must pay special attention to what you are wearing. Your man will certainly notice and he will appreciate your effort to look good. Also, note that there is a huge difference between looking good and feeling good. Your attitude is also very important.

When choosing an outfit, make sure you choose something that you really like. Take all the necessary time to make yourself look beautiful within yourself. Invest in high-quality lingerie and the best skincare products. Also, don’t forget to do your hair once in a while. Take care of yourself as much as you can and your man will become even more attracted to you. Remember that any man will notice your glow and confidence. So, work on the attitude as well.

The environment is important

It doesn’t matter if you are in a long-term relationship or you have just met your boyfriend. The environment is very important. Even when you are working a lot, when you get home you should make the environment a pleasant and relaxing one so that sex can be great. For example, some scented candles would be great, and also a glass of wine and some relaxing music.

A sexy environment will make both of you feel amazing. Plus, it will help you relax after a long and stressful day. Try it and you will see how some little details can make a huge difference. How do escorts work? Well, even if they date most of their clients in hotels, they make sure that the environment is a pleasant one.

You will never see a high-class escort dating a client in a cheap hotel. They set their dates in luxurious hotels and in many cases, they order champagne, flowers, and candles. Dating an escort is not only about sex. It’s about the entire exciting and sexy atmosphere. Everything that happens on a date like this is amazing.

Be open-minded

This is something that all men are looking for. They absolutely love women who are open-minded. They don’t like and don’t want to feel judged. Unfortunately, this is something that happens in many couples, and this is one of the reasons why guys date escorts. You should make your man feel very comfortable around you.

He must feel comfortable enough to talk to you about his sexual fantasies and fetishes. No matter how weird these fantasies may be, you should never laugh or judge your partner. Try and please him as best as you can, and you will see that he will do the same for you as a sign of appreciation.