Bern, a must-see tourist attraction in Switzerland

Bern, a must-see tourist attraction in Switzerland

Switzerland has plenty of amazing places that you should see, and Bern is definitely on the list. In case you didn’t know, Bern has been Albert Einstein’s home town. The Historical Museum from here has an amazing exhibition about his time, and in plus, you also have the opportunity to visit the apartment where he lived with his wife and son. Paul Klee was another Bern’s native, a famous modern artist, who is represented by a museum designed by Renzo Piano. Here is why Bern is a must-see tourist attraction in Switzerland.

The Old Town

You will probably wonder why is this spot such an amazing one. Well, once you get here you will definitely be impressed by its uniformity. A big part of the city has been claimed by a fire in 1405, and numerous tall sandstone buildings actually took place over from the old wooden houses. A defining characteristic of this city is the fact that lots of these houses are woven with arcades on the ground floor. Go for a walking tour, and make sure you find all the 11 Renaissance amazing fountains located right in the center of  Bern. All of them date from the 16th century. Look for friendly Bern escorts, so that you can have a good company while you visit the main attractions.

Zentrum Paul Klee

This modern museum is another excellent tourist attraction that you must not miss. It is dedicated to one of the most famous as well as influential artists of the early 20th century. Paul Klee was born outside this city, and his daughter has actually donated all of her inheritance to Bern. Renzo Piano was the one who designed this museum, which is absolutely amazing. It actually looks like an oscillating wave, and it opened for the first time in 2005. The artist’s painting is presented in temporary shows on set themes, which means that two visits to the center will not be the same. Look for announce erotique and make sure you hire a lovely escort to keep you company while you enjoy some of the most wonderful attractions in Bern.


This impressive tower is located in the Old Town, and it is without a doubt an icon for an extraordinary clock that has been installed in 1530. Zytglogge is one of the oldest of its kind in entire Switzerland, and you must certainly not miss it. The astronomical clock, as well as the clock itself and the mechanical figures, are controlled by the same mechanism. Visitors will have the opportunity to see it in action, whether it is behind the scenes or on a daily tour of the tower. Just make sure you book your ticket in advance, as the numbers are quite limited. Furthermore, as we said earlier in this article, by hiring a lovely and friendly escort from lEscort, you will be able to have a beautiful company of escort who can show you even more amazing places in Bern. All in all, we are sure that your experience here will be simply memorable.