Clever ways to turn a woman on

Clever ways to turn a woman on


Believe it or not, lots of men become really nervous when they are around a woman they like. They definitely need some good advice regarding how to turn a woman on. So, if you are one of them, then by reading this article you will find some very interesting and useful stuff.

Be creative

Men need to understand that not all women are the same. Everything from the tips of her toes to earlobes is extremely sexual. It is not the same every time or for every woman. That’s why the man must pay attention to all these details to satisfy his woman in bed. For more experience, gentlemen should date several times Geneva escorts. They will surely have a lot to learn from these ladies.

Ask her what she likes

Communication is important in any romantic relationship, and especially when it comes to sex. A man must know exactly what his girlfriend likes in terms of sex so that he can make her happy. The best way to find that is to communicate with her. He must ask her about all the things she really enjoys in bed so that he can completely satisfy her. Specialists recommend asking her before actually getting down to it because women are quite vulnerable when they are in the middle of being intimate. Also, ask her the next day how she enjoyed it and what was fun. Talk about what you would like to try next time. It is important to ask all these questions to have a fulfilling sex life. Investing in a book about female sexuality is another great idea that men should consider.

Know the three parts of foreplay

In general, women who don’t feel emotionally connected to their partner won’t be interested in sex. They usually connect with men through having a relationship that includes good communication and doing things together. Plus, kissing and touching are very important for a woman. Touching her breasts and genitals will put the woman in the mood to be aroused. For amazing sex experiences, men should date escorts from lEscort. By doing so, they will learn lots of interesting sex techniques to satisfy a woman.

Know her body very well

You cannot satisfy a woman if you don’t know her body very well. You need to know all her erogenous zones, and for that, you must try as many things as possible in bed. Apply all sorts of techniques, touches, and kisses to every spot of her body so that you know what arouses her the most. The vagina and the clitoris react pretty much the same way. Yet, other parts might feel different from a woman to another. The clitoris is very sensitive. It has lots of nerve endings as the head of the penis. That’s because it is made of the same embryonic tissue. When it comes to clitoral stimulation, women can differ pretty much in how hard or soft they want you to touch it. Remember that most women cannot have a vaginal orgasm if they are not having their clitoris stimulated during sex. So, it is important to choose positions in which you can touch your woman’s clitoris.