Erogenous zones in men that you must not ignore

Erogenous zones in men that you must not ignore


Some parts of our body are super sensitive. There is a reason why we feel ticklish around the ribs, or why we relax when we are being given a massage. That’s because of the nerve endings that exist in all these areas.

Nerve endings actually carry information about all the external stimuli to our brain. The intensity of pleasure increases with the number of nerve endings. Also, some parts of our body can make us feel immense pleasure. Here are the erogenous zones in men that you must not ignore.


Believe it or not, touching your partner’s scalp will drive him crazy. The scalp is full of nerve endings. From head massages to hair tugging, there are many things you can do to your advantage. If your man is a bit sensitive about his hair, then you should go for a gentle caress behind his ear or the back of his neck. Geneva escorts are very experienced and they know very well all the erogenous spots. So, they can easily drive a man crazy.

Inner thigh

Don’t forget that many areas close to the penis can also cause arousal. This can be really useful when you are trying to delay the orgasm. Don’t focus on the penis, divert your attention to his inner thigh. By doing so, you will keep your man feeling turned on but not enough to reach the climax.

The midline of the chest to the rib area

This is a ticklish spot, but one that can also be a turn-on. Use your nails to slowly scrap along the rib. Sex shouldn’t always be steamy and serious like in the movies. It can also just be two people who are touching themselves, giggling, and exploring to the fullest what their bodies can do.

Dorsum of the wrist

Take your time and explore your partner’s body to make him experience the most intense sensations ever. This touch is very intimate and it can be used at the peak of sexual activity to make the climax stronger.


The scrotum is a great pleasure center. So, don’t ignore it. Start slow, and then try a firm touch. Yet, you should never try to shift it too much. Why do men use escorts? Because these ladies have enough experience to try anything men want in bed. They are open-minded and they don’t judge.


This is another area full of nerve endings, but definitely not as delicate as some of the other erogenous zones. Plus, ladies are not the only ones who like their butts squeezed. An excellent time to try this would be when you are making out.


This spot is being located between the scrotum and the anus. This tiny spot is super sensitive because of the many nerve endings and the pelvic floor muscles. This spot can be explored with ease during sex. Yet, it is important to give your man a fair warning if you are trying it for the first time. Don’t surprise him because he might not like it.