Foreplay ideas that are even better than penetration

Foreplay ideas that are even better than penetration


Sex is quite complex and there are plenty of things couples can try in order to improve their intimate life. Those who want to have a better sex life should consider the following advice. Here are some excellent foreplay ideas that are even better than penetration.

Get wet together

When we say to get wet together, we are talking about having a hot shower or bath together. By doing so, you and your partner will get yourselves primed for sexual play. Not only a hot shower is quite soothing, but this is also a wonderful and romantic experience. You can also bring in some waterproof sex toys for an even better experience. For an unforgettable night, date Zurich escorts. They will offer you the most incredible sex ever. In fact, you can do anything with these ladies, from a hot bath and an erotic massage to all sorts of sexual fantasies.

Start from afar

Sex messages are a great way to turn your partner on before he actually gets home. Building excitement through foreplay ideas helps build tension and desire. You can either go for dirty talk, erotic messages or phone sex with a mature lady. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy these acts. They are wonderful foreplay ideas for every couple who wants to heat things up before actually getting physical. This is great because all women need both emotional and sensual foreplay. Emotional intimacy is a quite common gateway into sexual contact. In general, ladies like to connect through conversation as part of foreplay. Plus, this is a great way to communicate what you want in bed. Dirty talk highly improves the entire sexual experience when you let go of all inhibitions.

Don’t leave out mutual masturbation

Masturbation is super healthy. Moreover, it can help you know your body very well. This doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor. Lots of people tend to forget how great our hands can be as primary sex tools. You can touch in ways that nothing else can do. With your hands, you can create shapes, squeeze and press in order to give yourself lots of intense pleasure. You can also masturbate your partner. Just grab yourself some lube and give your partner a hand. This type of play will make you even more excited to get to the penetration. Plus, it will help both partners reach an intense climax a lot faster than usual. Date an escort from lEscort in order to learn how to masturbate yourself better or your partner.

Give your partner a sensual massage

Spend some time exploring your partner’s body and his erogenous zones. This is a very sensual foreplay idea, especially after your partner has had a long day at work and needs to relax before having sex with you. It is highly recommended to stimulate as best as you can various erogenous zones such as testicles, clitoris, nipples, and G-spot. By doing so, you will increase satisfaction as well as anticipation leading up to sex. Massage the feet in order to provide a huge unwinding of the body. By massaging the feet, you will actually unfurl the tension in the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor. This will inhibit the pleasure during sexual experiences.