Fun things to do in Zurich

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In case you are that kind of person who wants to visit as many cities as possible, then we highly recommend you to not miss Zurich, this amazing city. Therefore, if you plan a trip here, then here are some fun things to do in the city.

Have a crazy night out

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Visit the Zurich Zoo

When it comes to this zoo, what we can say about it is that it meets the highest standards, and you will certainly be impressed by what you’ll find here. Pay close attention to the design of the habitats, which is absolutely amazing, as it allows the animals as much room as possible. The most important part of this zoo is the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park, where you will actually see a modern biome habitat of Indian elephants. Furthermore, there are even underwater viewing areas so that you can have the possibility to watch them take a dip. The entire experience in this park will definitely be an amazing and unforgettable one. The entire zoo has not more and not less than 4.000 animals. There are 340 species, from domestic animals to emperor penguins.

Go to Uetliberg

Right from the center of the city you can get the train and go to the summit of this massive mountain. By catching the S10 from Hauptbahnhof, you will actually be near the top in only 25 minutes, and the scenery from the top is without a doubt out of this world. The rivers, amazing lake, as well as the snow-capped Alps are simply stunning and breathtaking. You will also find there a restaurant and a hotel, in case you want to spend the night in this place. At the start of the cold season, the peak is above the layer of fog.

All in all, a vacation in Zurich will definitely be a memorable one, whether you are traveling accompanied or alone. The city has plenty to offer, no matter your tastes. Every traveler will find something to his liking in this city, where people are extremely warm and welcoming.