Geneva and its amazing touristic spots

Geneva and its amazing touristic spots

Geneva is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the entire world. This spot is visited all year round by tourists who love mountains. If you also want to go on a trip to this location, then here is what touristic spots you must not miss.

Experience the city

Before you do anything else, we recommend you to experience the city to the fullest. There are many restaurants and bars where you should go for fun and for experiencing the lovely cuisine as well as the local drinks. Geneva is also very popular for its beautiful and attractive escorts Geneva, and single men who visit this place always request their services. You should not worry about the pandemic Covid 19, because until now this part of the world hasn’t registered not even one single case. The coronavirus isn’t at the moment something that scares escorts from here, and that’s why many of them are still working. Therefore, if you are looking to have someone to spend the time with while you are in Geneva, then you should take this brilliant idea into account. For finding a smart as well as a gorgeous lady, you should search on lEscort.

Take a walk in Bastions park

The Bastions park is without a doubt a relaxing spot in Geneva where visitors can stretch their legs. It is usually quite full of students, and the atmosphere from here is extremely happy and vibrant. During summertime, you can stop for enjoying a lovely coffee at one of the most popular cafes in the area, Café Restaurant du Parc des Bastions. On the other hand, if you visit the place during winter, then you need to know that the outdoor terrace of the same café is transformed into an amazing ice rink. Make sure you don’t miss it.

Enjoy Geneva’s Italian side in Carouge

Very close to the city’s center you will feel like you are stepping into a different world, and from some points of view, this is true. This area has been created by Italians in the 18th century. The buildings from here have Italian architecture, and there is a wide range of Italian restaurants, cafes, and shops. The cafes and the restaurants provide a more relaxed vibe than the center of the city, including amazing tapas and cocktail bar Le Cheval Blanc. The Italian side of Geneva is just a short tram ride from the center of the city.

Hike on the Saleve

In case you love hiking and you want to go for it on your trip to Geneva as well, then we highly recommend you to hike on the Saleve. A wonderful thing about this city is how easy it is to actually escape the clutches of the city and simply disappear into the beautiful hills. The Saleve Mountain is without a doubt an extremely peaceful retreat, and it is very close to the city. On the summit, visitors have the chance to hike, picnic, paraglide, and bird-spot. If you are lucky enough to visit this location on a sunny day, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning view of Mont Blanc.