How can an escorts turn down a client without him getting upset

All escorts know that at some point they will have to turn down a client. Not all men are respectful. Some of them can actually create lots of problems, which is why you must be very careful at all times. There might be a scheduling error in other situations, which means that you need to turn down a client. Well, in these cases, you must know how to do it so that the client doesn’t feel disappointed. Here are some important aspects that we recommend you consider when turning down a client.

In-person or via phone call

Sometimes, Ticino escorts can change their mind right before the date. In such a situation, the best way to cancel the date is by telling him in person. This is a sensitive matter, which means that it must be done at the right moment. Do it as gently as possible. Do not just drop the bombshell on your client. You must seize the right moment. Plus, you certainly don’t want to shock him from the door with a refusal because it would be very rude. We recommend you take a deep breath and then prepare to strike.

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Wait for him to stop talking

If you decide to cancel the date face to face, then wait for your client to stop talking. He will most probably start talking when he enters the room. You should not interject his speech with the refusal. Instead, you must wait for him to finish what he has to say, and then give him the news. You aim to give him this news gently and not hurt his feelings. There are many types of clients, and some won’t take any form of rejection too well. There will also be clients who will try to get violent. Always start your speech with your client’s name. Capture his attention by referring to him directly as you start the speech.

Highlight his best attributes

It is important not to forget to highlight his attributes. Once you have his attention, you can speak about what happened and why you had to cancel the date. If he is a nice man, then he will definitely understand and you can reschedule. If not, maybe it’s best not to date him at all. A bit of ego boost will work great as a buffer to the embarrassment that might come. We recommend you not to mess it up with a rambling speech. What you should do is to use a short and straightforward refusal that will convey the message clearly. Do not expect to get out of a date without a very good reason. You must be as honest as possible and not lie about anything. In case your client is quite sensitive, an excellent reason for turning him down would be the fact that you are on your period. It is up to you what reason you choose to give, and if you are choosing to lie then at least must be something that he will definitely believe. At lEscort, any client can find the escort of his dreams on his open relationship. These girls are amazing and very professional.

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Apologize again profusely and blame yourself

You must not forget to apologize. This will make him feel better and he will not be upset. In fact, you can even blame yourself and show as much remorse as possible for having to cancel the date. This is only one way of doing this. We presume that your client will listen to you calmly as you have your speech. In case he does not, then you can always improvise and remain calm as well.




Via email, text, or recorded message

This is another way to announce to your client that you are canceling your date. It is much easier to send an email or a recorded message than to tell him face to face. Again, don’t forget to start your message by using his name. This way, you will have all his attention. Start your text by highlighting his attributes such as his amazing charm or his height of sexual skillset. And then, you can announce the cancelation. Turn him down gently and don’t forget to use well-poised words that sound as apologetic as possible. It is important not to tell the rambling story here. What you must do is to be as straightforward as possible and brief as well. Even when you are gentle, you cannot avoid a bit of nastiness.