How can you have a fulfilling sex life?

Research has shown that sexual satisfaction is closely linked to how good you feel in your skin. In other words, how proud you are, how good you feel in your body, and how comfortable you feel naked.

Have a positive attitude towards sexuality

positive attitude towards sexuality

A healthy, positive attitude towards sexuality is very important. When you do not have a good image of your body, this will prevent you from relaxing and focusing on the sensations you feel during intercourse. Visiting Genevagirls can help any man have more confidence in himself and in his body. Women can also date callboys to experience more about sex and learn more about their own pleasure.

It is quite difficult to accept our body as it is. This is even harder when we are bombarded by media with advertisements featuring women without wrinkles. Yet, accepting our body is a very important step in gaining real self-confidence. It is essential to succeed in making love in a very intimate and fulfilling way.

Negative thoughts about the way you look or some aspects of your body contribute to the state of anxiety. These are some important factors that manage to distract you from what is important when making love.

We all have unrealistic expectations of what we should look like, and how we want our bodies to be. It is important to examine honestly what we feel. There are certain things that we can change but there are others that we simply have to accept as they are.

Self-awareness exercise

Find a time and a space just for you, in which to feel safe, and comfortable. To perform this exercise, it is preferable to have a mirror in which you can look at yourself in its entirety.

First of all, create a state of calm and self-centeredness. Start undressing gradually in front of the mirror and be aware of what your body looks like. Notice your body at different stages while you are dressed and while you are undressing.

When you are completely naked, stand in front of the mirror and examine your body carefully. Really look at yourself, make eye contact with yourself. Be there with yourself in the mirror. Look at your whole body.

Talk to yourself. Say out loud how you feel about different parts of your body. Including small marks, pimples, scars, moles or wrinkles. You can exaggerate your emotions. Say out loud what you don't like or dislike and name the parts you like full of joy and pride. Turn around and look at your body as you change position. Notice the tense muscles and the soft parts. Contract your muscles, pose, turn around, dance, move seductively.

Be aware of those parts that you usually avoid looking at: fat around the stomach, small chest, and weak legs. Try to look at these parts with more acceptance and a positive attitude. Integrate these parts into the overall picture of your body.

Ask yourself these questions while doing this exercise:

- What do you like most about your body? Why are you the proudest? How do you show that to your partner?

- How do you feel when your partner touches or looks at those parts that you are proud of, that you like too?

- What do you like least about your body? Why are you ashamed? How do you tend to hide those parts? Do you avoid looking at them? Am I the target of your criticism?

- How do you feel when your partner looks at or touches those parts of your body that you don't like or are ashamed of?

- How can you enhance your body and how can you express a good self-image every day? But every time you make love? - find positions and aspects.

In the next 5 minutes, think about what you can do to gain more confidence in your body. Maybe it's a new haircut, some sexier clothes, or even the decision to go to the gym. Find something that will help you feel better and sexier.

Enjoy sex to the fullest

Enjoy sex to the fullest

Sex can be a kaleidoscope of emotions, (love, pleasure, tenderness, expectation, anxiety, disappointment). Every sexual experience comes with a range of emotions. What is truly sensational is that people have been experiencing this range of sensations for decades. Because, after all, what is sex? A hormonal function of our body, which aims to perpetuate the species.

In addition to the biological reactions involved, our experiences give meaning to sexuality. And, there is another important aspect: the way you perceive yourself, and what this sexual connection means to you. The relationship you have with your sexual partner is very important. Don't forget this, and do everything you can to have a fulfilling sex life.

Communicate effectively with your partner

Some couples experience difficulties when it comes to talking about sex. When sexual problems arise, the conversation breaks down because of negative emotions. These emotions can either be shame, failure or resentment. Remember that a fulfilled and happy relationship is always based on good communication. Dialogue is the first step not only toward a better sexual relationship but also toward a stronger emotional connection.

 If you have reservations and do not talk easily about this topic, find a convenient time for both of you when you can do it. For such discussions we have two possibilities: you wear them in the bedroom or outside it. Maybe, however, it would be best to have such a discussion outside the bedroom.

Don't criticize

Or, if you want to criticize, do it gently. Communicate, do not judge or reject. Focus on what is functional and beautiful between you, not on what can be improved. Remember to approach a sexual issue as an issue that needs to be addressed together. This is not an exercise that adds even more frustration to the couple.

Communicate to your partner the changes your body is going through. It is better for him/her to understand what you are going through, physically, than to interpret your restraints as a lack of interest.

Learn permanently

Yes, even in this field you have to be constantly educated. There are study materials for any sexual problem. Look for information on the Internet, but make sure it is from credible sources of information. Share your knowledge with your partner to improve your sex life. If a discussion on certain topics is too difficult, emphasize certain passages, it may be easier this way.