How escorts keep themselves clean and healthy

How escorts keep themselves clean and healthy

Due to the fact that escorts have sex more often than other women, and they do it with different people, they need to take special care of their health, and they also need to keep themselves clean all the time. Therefore, it is very important to know exactly how to maintain health down there. Let’s find out how escorts keep themselves clean and healthy.

They use condoms

This is a very important part of these sexy girls who offer sex and company in exchange for money. There are so many unhealthy people out there, that escorts cannot risk contracting some sort of disease that will affect not only their job but their health and their entire life as well. However, some of these ladies don’t use condoms with some of their clients because they trust them, but this is certainly a risk that they take. Also, it is very important for escorts to ask their customers to change the condom every time they switch from vaginal sex to anal sex so that they can avoid preventing the spread of harmful bacteria into the genitalia.

They follow a very healthy diet

In order to have a healthy body, on the inside and on the outside as well, escorts eat extremely healthy. They consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, good carbohydrates, and healthy proteins, that help the body stay healthy and in very good shape. Anti-inflammatory diets are very good for the body, and they include unprocessed foods as well as healthy carbs. In plus, cranberry juice and yogurt are excellent for vaginal health. The cranberry juice helps to decrease a lot the chances of urinary tract infections, whereas the yogurt is great at preventing yeast infections. In order to avoid vaginal dryness, escorts consume lots of soy products, which contain weak forms of estrogen that helps to increase natural lubrication.

They visit the gynecologist regularly

Women, in general, are visiting their gynecologist quite regularly in order to make sure they are healthy, but when it comes to sex workers, they definitely do it more often. They get a pelvic exam, as well as a PAP smear. The gynecologist can check for STDs and other types of infections such as trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis. For example, St. Gallen escorts are quite famous for their amazing looks, and they want to have the best and wealthiest clients, which is why they make sure they don’t only look great but that they are also 100% healthy.

They wear breathable clothes

Even this is something quite hard to do for an escort, most of these ladies are trying to wear as often as possible, breathable clothes. This can help them avoid sweating down there. In fact, breathable clothes help sex workers avoid vaginal irritations as well as vaginal infections. Escorts pay special attention to the clothes they wear, especially in the summertime, when it is extremely hot. This small but important detail can help them stay healthy and clean at all times. For the most charming escorts, visit lEscort, a reliable escort directory.