How to have a fulfilling sex life?

Even if we live a time in which sexuality enjoys some liberation from social constraints, most of us consider it yet a matter of instinct. Lots of people still believe that sex is not too important, which is wrong. A successful sex life requires information, practice, communication, and cooperation. And, sex is extremely important.

successful sex life

Yet, what is unsatisfying sex?

There are many couples who don't enjoy sex as they should. There are lots of reasons for such a situation. Many guys choose a date with an escort Como simply because they are not happy with their sex life. They don’t have partners who are on the same level as them, from a sexual point of view. This means that there is no sexual compatibility between partners.

The good news is that there is a solution to this type of problem. As long as you and your partner are willing to improve your intimate life, you can obtain great results. There are lots of things couples can try to get 100% satisfaction. Unsatisfying sex is when the woman or the man doesn't reach orgasm.

Also, this means that even if you are reaching orgasm, you could still be unhappy about how things are going in bed. Maybe you want to try a new sex position and your partner doesn't want to do so. Maybe you have a fantasy but you don't feel comfortable talking about it with your partner. You get the idea. Anything that doesn't make you happy can lead to unsatisfying sex life.

Women reach orgasm harder than men

What is somewhat unjust, given that the woman is the only one who has the ability to live an intense sexual pleasure. In fact, the clitoris has one purpose: to ensure sexual pleasure. Sex has already become a routine or is going too fast to enjoy it. Many couples are married for several years. Yet, they still love, but, honestly, most of them are better off reading a book before bedtime.

They avoid sex more than anything else. It's just like it's something bad, instead of thinking about sex like something relaxing and pleasurable. Unfortunately, a relationship in which sex is devoid of pleasure can end very easily. The less pleasant, the partners avoid acting and, without realizing, came out of the menu. So what does he stay? Several tricks can help. We propose an attack strategy made up of seven essential points.

sexual pleasure

Know your own body

If you do not know how you are built, you won't know what you like in terms of sex. Women and men have been taught to believe that orgasm depends exclusively on the partner. That's, of course, silly. It is very important that you love your body and that you know it very well. This will help you have a satisfying sex life and also make your partner feel good about himself.

Aside a mirror at the edge of the bed, relax, and ... exploration begins. Enjoy the sensations that you offer your own touch and, when you feel something really pleasant, keep that in mind. You should have a mirror in front of you so that you can have the most amazing time. Masturbation is great for finding your most erotic spots. It is excellent when you want to improve the intimacy between you and your partner.

Talk to your partner gently

Do you have a certain fetish that you would like to try? Would you like to experience a new position or a sex technique? If so, then don't hesitate and talk to your partner gently about your wish. Start communicating. Tell your lover what excites you. I do not think there is a man on the planet that is not sensitive to sexual feedback, so watch what you say.

When he is doing what you like, do not hesitate to praise your technique, approve it through exciting groans. If it is not a performer, you are abstaining and do not breathe among your teeth. You better guide the mine with armored to your erogenous areas. It will understand faster than you are expecting. Remember to always say what you like and especially when he is doing something that you like a lot.

You should avoid phrases like, "It hurts," What do you think you do? Or "So it's not good!. "This kind of feedback does not thank a man. A minute before it was exciting, now it is no longer! As mentioned earlier, you should talk to him gently and very nicely. Men are very sensitive to these intimate things, which is why you should be careful not to hurt your man.

Be sincere when you talk to your partner

Women have inoculated the theory that they had some problems because:

  1. a) they do not get to orgasm every time they make love;
  2. b) they fail to satisfy themselves.

The insurmountable truth is that the women's orgasm has always been more difficult than the masculine side. Our advice is, however, not to mimic orgasm just to enjoy the time spent with your partner. Don't make an obsession out of your orgasm. You must enjoy every touch and kiss. Enjoy sex to the fullest and stop thinking about the orgasm. By relaxing and feeling as comfortable as possible, you will surely have an amazing time and you will even have a super intense orgasm.

have a super intense orgasm

Sex can be super amazing. In fact, it should always be like that. People should pay close attention to their sex life if they really want to have a strong connection and a healthy relationship. This aspect should never be ignored, no matter how busy you are. For example, you can choose to spend a night a week, only with your partner. Forget about everything else and just enjoy your company to the fullest. Go out for a romantic dinner and spend quality time together. The idea is to reconnect with your partner so that your intimacy can highly improve.