How to keep the fire of passion alive for a long time

What do you have to do to keep the fire of passion alive to have a better sex life? For you and your partner to become even closer, you must be willing to talk honestly about your sexual desires. Also, talk about the reason why you are not getting what you want. Although it can be difficult to talk about sex, for a fulfilling sex life, you must do it!

Talking about sex is not an easy task

Talking about sex

Well, you're right. Talking about sex can be very difficult, especially from an emotional point of view, which is why you need to date a Lescort Ticino. A professional escort can help any man become more confident and better at communication. Things get worse if your partner suffers from busy woman syndrome. Just think about how much she has on her mind. She tries to do everything, from a successful career to taking care of her family.

Under these conditions, she has too little energy left to feel sexy, talks sexy, or have sex. However, this time silence is not an answer in itself. You must allow your partner to explore his sexuality and express his desires. Otherwise, your relationship will suffer. Why? When the sexual energy of a couple is at low levels, then the emotional connection between the partners breaks. And, even if it does not end in a divorce, the marriage will surely be shaken by an extramarital relationship between one of the partners or even both.

Be honest about what you want

But how do you solve the problem so that the partner does not feel offended, and the sexual life does not suffer? You have to understand one thing. You can't have a productive and honest discussion about sex if you don't trust your partner. Remember that sex is a very sensitive and personal subject. And blaming the partner or vice versa will not be fruitful at all. You have to speak honestly. Therefore, you will become more creative in finding new ways to make your partner reach the heights of pleasure.

Sex on the phone

Sex on the phone

Yes, you read that right, a simple phone call can give you more pleasure than you ever imagined! It is a more special call, with a strong sexual and emotional charge at the same time. Sex on the phone is one of the most common fantasies with beneficial effects on the couple's life. Let yourself be swept up in the magic of the moment and start a conversation with your sexy voice.

To try this form of sexual fantasy enjoyment, you don't have to be at a great distance from each other. It is enough to tell yourself some exciting things even when you are at the office. So, later, in the evening, when you get home, you can put them into practice.

Accept your sexuality

You will never be able to truly enjoy sex if you don't know or accept your sexuality. Knowing what you like and what makes you less comfortable in the bedroom is just as important as sexual technique. Learn, therefore, to be sure of yourself. You must know what you want, what to give and what to ask in return from your lover.

Turn into actors

Don't be afraid to experiment. In this way, you will not only improve your sex life, but you will also get to know each other better. Act out certain fantasies and turn yourself into part-time actors. To make things even more exciting from this point of view, play some roles that are the opposite of each person's personality. For example, if you are normally the dominant one in the relationship, let him become your master and you be the one who submits to him.


Don't be afraid to try new things, especially if they are older requests of his. Since men are more vocal beings, he has probably let you in on a few of his fantasies by now. That doesn't mean you have to make compromises you're not comfortable with. Yet, for the sake of it, you can dress up as a sexy assistant or kinky housekeeper. Don't forget the poses you've seen many times in movies, but never tried.

Don't neglect it

One of the most critical aspects that you should keep in mind is not to neglect him sexually. That doesn't mean you have to end up in bed every time you're tired and grumpy. Yet, you can compromise now and then, especially if you turn him down more times than you raise his libido. By taking initiative, you also show your partner that you find him very attractive. He will feel amazing and he will be super happy.

Make time for foreplay

Some women often need more time to become aroused and ready for intercourse. It is important to dedicate the necessary time to prelude before sexual intercourse. That's because on many occasions orgasm is not reached because the state of arousal is not adequate. Partners can use fondling, kissing, oral sex, or the use of sex toys to achieve this goal.

Care for partner's erection problems

As a man gets older, he needs more sexual stimulation to get aroused and get a firm erection. If both partners consider this and give it extra attention together, intercourse will happen naturally in most cases. There are also fun and very affordable toys that men can use for getting and maintaining an erection.

sexual stimulation

Consult a specialist

In the case of more complicated sexual problems, the help of a sex therapist can be requested together with the partner. Also, the lack of sexual desire can be due, for example, to medications, in which case the doctor can recommend another treatment that does not affect sex. In such a situation, you must support your partner. Show him even more love than usual and make him feel important. A problem like this can be solved, but only if you respect the steps recommended by the specialist.