How to Offer Him the Best Oral Sex Ever

Move your partner to an unforgettable oral sex party when you want to understand that you are irreplaceable in his life and bedroom. With a few simple tips and a little exercise, you can give him a unique experience, which you will not forget all your life.

If you are not a great fan of oral sex, you will not be able to turn into an expert overnight. Yet, you can decisively improve the experience for your partner, taking into account all the things that cause him pleasure.

Men date escorts because they like the oral sex they offer

Well, lots of women wonder why so many guys see professional EscorTicino, some of them even on a regular basis. The truth is that all of them love the way these women give oral sex. They are experts at this type of sex and they know how to make the man feel intense pleasure. So, if you want to satisfy your partner at the highest level, then make sure you know how to offer him oral sex.

Learn from these women and you will surely have a fulfilling sex life. You could also watch some porn to learn new and exciting techniques. This will help you satisfy him to the fullest. He will appreciate it and love you even more. Don’t forget that sex life is very important in any couple and you need to improve it constantly.

porn to learn new and exciting techniques

Forget about the "excess" of saliva

Oral sex in adult films most often involves copious amounts of saliva. This is for a simple reason: the correct lubrication ensures more pleasure and guarantees a stronger orgasm. Of all the tips for oral sex, this is the simplest, but also one of the most important.

Use both hands

Even if you can only satisfy it with your lips and tongue, with both hands tied at the back, use them to cause them even more pleasure. Put a hand on the penis, without squeezing it too hard, and the second on the testicles or on another erogenous area. You can even keep it moving on his body, but make sure he likes it.

Alternate the sensations of heat and cool

Take a little warm tea into your mouth and then insert his penis into your mouth. Spit tea and alternate with a cold, but not very cold juice. Ice cubes have nothing to do with the penis for more than a second and maybe even then. Very low temperatures lead to blood vessels and endanger their erection. If he has lost his erection while you are offering him oral sex, he will definitely remember the experience, but not in a pleasant sense.

Use all the faces of the tongue

Even if you want to lick his penis as if it was the sweetest lollipop, from the base to the top, don't forget about the upper part. This will offer him the most incredible pleasure. However, be careful about your teeth when experiencing the positions of your tongue. This detail can ruin the charm of the moment if it turns into pain.

Do not give up eye contact

Visual contact is important, even if it cannot be uninterrupted. Smile at him while you have his penis in your mouth and delight him to understand how much you like what you do. You can use the second hand to stimulate your nipples or clitoris and moan for pleasure as you look into his eyes.

Take it all in your mouth

If you have a strong vomiting reflex, you may have problems with this step. Try to become more resistant by exercising your tongue with the toothbrush. Also, do not forget to compliment him for his size, which any man appreciates.


Most men want to see you swallow the sperm and that you like it. If, however, you are not willing to complete the unforgettable oral sex party, spit discreetly in a paper towel. Ejaculation on the breasts or face can be another extremely exciting experience for your partner.

Choose the right oral sex position

There are a lot of oral sex positions in which he can admire you, enjoying the sensations he feels. Here are two positions with which you will drive him crazy. The one in which you kneel in front of him and the one in which he is lying on his back and you are above him. Choose one of them and start attacking.

The prelude to the oral sex

French kisses along the penis

It would help if you started with his chest kisses. Form a few circles with the tongue, holding the lips stuck to its skin, making it clear that you will reproduce the movement in other contexts. You descend with your tongue on his abdomen, during which time you comfort his thighs. Instead of descending below and below, surprise him (not unpleasant, I assure you) and give him a kiss on his neck, and then on his lips.

Play with his lower lip in the same teasing manner, showing him what awaits him in a few moments. Then, go down to its intimate area. It is probably hotly hot, so it will be grateful if your first movement will be a firm one. Moisten your lips and grab his penis head with a firm clamp, making a move up as deep as you are comfortable. Stay two, three seconds in that position, and then start withdrawing, pressing the penis body and looking into his eyes.

It is best to hold your lips so that they will cover your teeth, but without tightening them too hard. Moisten them with the tongue and keep them as relaxed as possible, to create the effect of soft and humid lips. This will drive him crazy. Then, move up-in-law in the same way two, or three times and stop to give them some well-placed French kisses along the penis. After alternating the firm movements with kisses several times, you only remain on firm stimulation.