How to use anal sex toys?

You have a bottom, but the chances you will ignore that are big enough. Your ass has the ability to experience certain pleasures, so it's time to give up the negative thoughts you might have about anal exploration. Have you ever thought of trying anal sex toys? If not, you do not know what you have to lose.

If you used your fingers, and now you want to go to the next level, appealing to the anal sex toys, you have. There are plenty of fantastic erotic toys for anal sex that are just waiting to accompany you in this experience. Here's all you need to know about the anal sex and more about introducing a foreign object into the bottom.

know about the anal sex

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Choose your first anal toy

There is a whole collection of anal toys. Most of them fall into three categories:

Anal plugs - are designed to be inserted in the rectum. These are fantastic anal toys for beginners and can be used by both women and men. They are cheap, easy to use, and can greatly increase pleasure during sex.

Vibrators - Some toys have built-in vibrators for more stimulation. Choose high-quality products and enjoy intense sensations. Sex shops offer many products, most of which are "compatible" with anal masturbation. Take a look over them, and if you are at the first anal toy, we recommend you go on a small vibrator.

Dildos - are usually used with stimulation harms. Try a small dildo if you are a beginner and for added pleasure, try realistic dildos that are great for both vaginal and anal masturbation.

Anal beads or balls - somewhat similar to a pearl necklace, the anal sets are designed to be introduced into the rectum and slowly removed. Sometimes, the size of the beads differs, which is why we recommend choosing some small anal balls. We would like to add a very important issue here, namely: many women tend to use both anal and vaginal kegel balls. Never use the same set of anal balls and then vaginal without being cleaned and sterilized in advance.

Other important features you need to know when looking for an anal toy:

  • Be made of safe body materials - only the highest quality products are suitable for your anus. Search silicone or stainless steel.
  • Having a widespread basis - the anal sphincters are strong enough and can push the toy inside. To relieve yourself from the embarrassment of a trip to the hospital, make sure your toy has a wide base, which means it is higher at the end. This is the largest fear of people who want to buy an anal toy ... not to enter the ass and can not get it out.
  • Be thin - you can choose thicker toys, later, but for starters, make sure your first toy is relatively thin.

Preparing the anus for the use of anal sex toys

Yes, feces come out through the anus, and sometimes the anal sex can be dirty. For this reason, many hesitate to have anal sex. But the rectum and the anus are much cleaner than you imagine. The most important thing you need to know is that feces are not right at the entrance to the anus, looking forward to the moment you sit on the toilet.

It is also easy to prepare for an anal game. First, go to the bathroom if you feel. Then make a shower and wash your anus with soap. If you want to make hygiene as a book, you can use anal irrigation. It is quite inexpensive, and its usefulness is very high.

How do these anal sex toys insert into the anus?

If you have not already done it, you should explore your anus with your fingers before using a toy. Discover a little before inserting foreign objects there.

Any toy that enters your ass must be thoroughly cleaned before and after penetration. Hot water and soap are usually sufficient, but you can also find antibacterial sprays, specially created for sex toys. Some toys can also be sterilized by boiling.

For the first incursion into the field of anal sex toys, think if you want to use this type of toy. If you are stirred, I suggest you be the one who will keep it because you will have more control. Communicate with your partner and get to a conclusion about whether you want to try this type of sex or not.

Anal sex offers lots of pleasure

having dirty sex is very exciting and intense

If you still don’t believe that this type of sex offers lots of pleasure, then you are wrong. Anal sex can offer super intense pleasure, especially because the anus is very close to the vagina. The woman can feel lots of pleasure and can experience both anal and vaginal orgasms. On the other hand, because the anus is quite tight, the man can also experience intense pleasure.

In fact, this is the reason why lots of guys love anal sex. Plus, the idea of having ’’dirty’’ sex is very exciting and intense. Yet, the anus is quite clean compared to what people actually think. But, what’s very important is that you use lots of lubrication in order to avoid pain. This way, you will increase the pleasure and you will avoid painful penetration, whether you are using a sex toy or you are having anal sex.

A water lubricant is the best choice you can make. Is very gentle with the skin and it doesn’t create irritations. You can find various types of lubricants in sex shops. Keep in mind that before having anal sex, you need to use anal sex toys to make sure your ass is used to new things.