In which ways sex is good for your body and your brain

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Not only sex is very pleasant but extremely healthy for the body and mind as well. There are some interesting things that are happening inside your body and brain while you are being intimate with your partner. Here are the ways in which sex is good for any of us.

The released chemicals ease pain

Endorphins that are being released during sex are without a doubt natural painkillers, which is extraordinary for your health. These chemicals flood the body and brain, easing any discomfort you might deal with. In many cases, having sex can cure a headache. The positive result is either given by endorphins or by serotonin.

Therefore, you should have sex as often as possible because you will have lots of amazing benefits. If you don’t have a girlfriend and you don’t know how to find Bern escorts on Facebook, then look for a reliable agency in order to find a hot girl you can hook up with.

Sex is excellent for your heart’s health

Anything that exercises your heart is perfect for you, and that certainly includes sex as well. However, the benefits you get actually depend on how rigorous you are doing it. The peak heart during a session is similar to walking up a flight of stairs. The recommendation is to work out moderately for about 3 hours a week in order to see the results. Bern escorts are excellent for having the best sex ever.

It reduces stress

Sex has the wonderful power of reducing stress. Not only good chemicals are being released during sex, but you will also experience a decrease in cortisol. If you have a satisfying sex life, then you will definitely be a more relaxed person and you will know how to deal better with stress.

The risk of ulcer is highly reduced

After many studies in this area, specialists have discovered that sex can also highly reduce the risk of ulcers. Due to the fact that the emotions that are being shared during sex are positive, they help both partners relax more. Stress is one of the main causes of ulcers, and since you will not be stressed anymore you will reduce the risk of developing this health problem.

Sex boosts the immune system

We all know what important role the immune system plays for the entire health. Once you have a strong immune system you will be able to fight against diseases and infections. Specialists say that regular sex can help you improve your immune system, as well as your overall health. If you want to stay healthy and also be completely satisfied, then look no further than lEsort for dating the hottest call girls.



Calories are being burned

Sex is one of the best ways to get rid of the extra kilos. Combined with a healthy diet and a good sleep, sex can help you have the body of your dreams. For example, during a half an hour session, women burn around 70 calories, whereas men burn around 100 calories. Just imagine how many calories you would burn if you would have sex every day or even several times a day.