Interesting sex secrets that escorts reveal

Interesting sex secrets that escorts reveal


The paid sex business is extremely old, and these days is not a tabu anymore as it used to be in the past. Plus, this business requires some genuine first-hand facts. Therefore, in the following, we will talk about some interesting sex secrets that escorts have revealed over time about their job.  

They are not paid as much as people think they are

People think that escorts earn lots of money, which is true but only in some situations. The majority of them don’t earn great amounts of money, and this is mainly because they don’t have the necessary experience. Just like any other job, you must be a professional in order to become rich. People don’t know why escorts charge so much, but the truth is that some of the best ones are very expensive because their services are also extremely professional.

For example, high-class escorts charge their clients with lots of money because they are very experienced when it comes to sex, they are absolutely gorgeous and smart, and they also offer various services. On the other hand, sex workers who don’t know too many things in terms of sex will not be able to satisfy all types of clients, which means that their income will not be too high.

Plus, there are escorts who also be amazing companions for single men, as they are very funny and intelligent, and these girls are always paid very well. Chiasso escorts are super hot, pleasant, friendly, and smart as well, and they know how to make a man feel comfortable as well as confident. Therefore, if you live in this area or if you are planning a trip to this location, then you should spend a night with one of these girls because you will surely not regret it.

Many clients don’t want to have sex

This is another interesting secret that lots of escorts have revealed over time. Believe it or not, there are men who hire these ladies for having someone to talk too. They don’t want sex and they also do not want to satisfy any of their sexual fantasies. They simply want to talk about their intimate problems with someone they don’t know and who will not judge them in any way whatsoever.

Unfortunately, lots of gentlemen are in unhappy relationships or marriages, and they don’t feel comfortable talking with their partners about their intimate problems. Therefore, they find it a lot easier to date a professional escort and communicate with her. Escorts from lEscort are very popular, and that’s because they are professional and super friendly.

Furthermore, some gentlemen are traveling a lot with their job and in order to not feel lonely, they hire a sex worker to keep them company and go out with them for dinner or to a club. Having fun while you are on a business trip is something that makes men feel better and more relaxed. Whether they are hiring an escort for going out or for experiencing an erotic massage, they find this option an excellent one.