Is sexual compatibility important?

Often we ask what it means to be compatible from a sexual point of view. I am sure the first thought that comes to mind is related to size. Well, that does not matter! Sexual compatibility is more than that. Continue reading to learn more about this subject, which is so important to all couples.

How do you know if you are sexually compatible with your partner?

sexually compatible with your partner

Have you ever wondered if you are truly sexually compatible with your partner? You hear all sorts of stories about couples who enjoy sexual life with fireworks. So, you inevitably begin to compare your relationship in terms of "how great is sex in your couple." Lots of people look for sex in Bern simply because they are not satisfied with their relationships. Here are some clues that give you the answer you are looking for.

Sexual compatibility functions as a strong bonding between two partners. It is rather an ingredient that makes it possible for common satisfaction without further effort. Relations with the greatest chances of success are those in which a man and a woman are temperamentally and sexually compatible. Carefully analyze the following signs and check whether or not you are on the same level in the bedroom!

Sear you read your thoughts

Since the first date, he had his special way to look, touch and kiss you exactly how you like. He synchronized his movements with yours. He anticipated your desire for tenderness when you felt it. The prelude is like a perfectly synchronized dance between you. Moreover, when one is in the mood for savage sex, the other lights up and "catches" the rhythm of walking. When you feel your partner satisfies your desires, it means that you are perfectly compatible with eroticism.

Intensive sex

Intensive sex

When you make love, you feel the connection, privacy, proximity, and affection at maximum intensity. No amorous game with your lover has a mechanical air, sec and banal. When there is attraction and chemistry between you and your partner, you feel amazing in bed. You want those moments to last forever. You want to taste more and more of those feelings and emotions. It is truly something special and amazing.

That’s why it is so important to look for a partner with whom you are compatible from all points of view. This will help you build a very strong connection between you, a connection that will last forever. So, if you are single at the moment, and you are looking for the right partner, keep in mind this important advice. Look for a person who is compatible with you from a sexual, mental, and emotional point of view.


The so-called "chemistry" between a man and a woman is in fact strong, passionate, and carnal attraction. When your brain perceives a connection with a person of the opposite sex, it secretes dopamine. This is the hormone of pleasure and "dependence" by things and people. If your heart starts to beat faster when you are around a certain man, then you are attracted to him.

The pleasure comes by itself

In a sexually compatible couple, pleasure always comes by itself. Your relationship does not need a constant effort that things take well. Simply, you naturally understand, empathize, and manage easily through the other's eyes. When nothing is forced, things are amazing.

Your relationship brings you a smile on your face

When you think of your intimate relationship with your partner, do you notice that you have a smile on your face? Then your unconscious expresses exactly the personal satisfaction you live, alongside a man who knows how to make you happy.


Generally, do you need a reason to have sex, or just happening? The spontaneity of your intimate moments says many things about the sexual compatibility you share! When you are attracted to your partner, you are spontaneous. You have sex whenever and wherever you feel. You don’t have boundaries and you always want to feel your partner.

Expression of affection

Expression of affection

When you are in your partner's presence, do you feel the need to express your affection for him? The touches, kisses, and small love gestures reflect the extent to which you are happy in the relationship. Sexual compatibility is an important aspect of a relationship. Differences in sexual pleasures, needs, and sexual practices may be delicate topics for a couple. In lots of situations, these differences are the ones that make both partners cheat or even end up the relationship.

There are married couples who have divorced because they were not sexually compatible. Although it seems a radical decision, the sexual mismatch can lead to sexual rejection. This resentment erodes intimacy and relationship. Sexual rejection affects social life, self-esteem, and confidence. When we are young, the external appearance is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. As we mature we tend to choose our partner after features of character.

Kama Sutra - The Book of Love

Kama Sutra - The Book of Love

Kamasutra - The Book of Love, debates in its pages the sexual and temperamental compatibility between a man and a woman. Kamasutra first addresses the appearance of physical sexual compatibility and then of temperaments. Besides the compatibility of sexual organs and temperaments, sexual compatibility also involves skills. In other words, it doesn't matter the size but the way you move. Your techniques in bed are far more important than anything else.

Do not try to compare your own sexual or partner performance with others, because each has its own standard. This book can be very useful to men and women as well. It can help them understand better what sexual compatibility means. Plus, it can help couples explore more in terms of sex. There are so many interesting and exciting things a person can try in bed. It is quite sad that many couples are not interested in exploring more about sex. In fact, this is the main reason why they are not happy and satisfied.