Links between sex and stress

Links between sex and stress


Sex and stress are strongly linked in many ways. Many people already know this and that’s why they are trying to improve as much as they can their sex life. While stress has a hand on low libido, it is also an excellent stress reliever. Find below some links between sex and stress.

Good sex and good mood

Regular and satisfying sex increases a positive mood. Researchers have found that sex and physical intimacy lead women to feel less stressed and worried. Plus, they are in a better mood the next day. It is important to know that these results cannot be obtained when women are having an orgasm without a partner. Masturbation is still good, but it definitely doesn’t offer the same excellent results as sex. Therefore, if you are not in a good mood or if you are feeling stressed, then a good idea would be to have sex. You will soon see how relaxed and happy you will feel. This is a great proof of the importance of effective stress management. Men can experience their sexuality with Zurich escorts, who are very attractive and sweet.

Sex and stress response

Studies have also shown that women exhibit less of a stress response after physical contact with a man. Emotional support alone doesn’t have the same effect. When a woman is having sex with a partner she is in love with, she will significantly reduce the stress level. That’s why it is highly recommended to have sex on a regular basis. For gentlemen, a professional call girl Zurich escorts can satisfy you in ways that you don’t even imagine. Women can also hire male escorts for a night to remember.

Orgasm and health

Orgasms themselves come with plenty of wonderful benefits for health and stress relief. They can highly relax your body as well as your mind. Several good hormones are being released during sex and during orgasms. All these hormones are supportive of your overall health and wellness. Plus, this type of relaxation is great emotionally. In order to take your mind off from your worries, have sex as often as possible.

Deep breathing

This type of breathing releases tension and highly reduces the stress you feel. You can perform breathing exercises for achieving stress management. However, you will not obtain the same results as you would obtain through the type of breathing you have during sex with a Zurich escort. Combining the pleasure with the benefits of good breathing, you will feel absolutely amazing and you will combat stress.

Sense of touch

Sensual massages are an excellent stress reliever. In fact, all people need to touch for their emotional health. For example, babies who are not being touched enough will fail to thrive. Furthermore, touch continues to be very important in adulthood as well. Touches that we all experience during sex is a great stress reliever.


Sex helps at releasing endorphins as well as other feel-good hormones. All these chemicals highly relax your body and mind, leaving you feeling a lot better and more relaxed for hours afterward.