Make your man love you even more

Most women are very interested in learning more about how they can improve their relationships. They want to be the perfect wives and girlfriends for their partners and offer them everything they need. If you are in the same position, then in this article you will find all the answers you are looking for.

Relationships don’t need hardwork

If you think that a relationship needs hard work so that the man doesn’t date a girl from Lescort, then this is not true at all. It is very important to understand that there are a few important aspects, and that’s it. There is no need for anything else to make things work between you and your partner. Of course, you should not forget that sex plays a very important role and you must never ignore your sex life. Lots of men cheat because they are not satisfied by their partners.

sex plays a very important role

They have fantasies they are afraid to talk about with their girlfriends. They are afraid they will be judged. They are afraid they will be seen as weirdos. Well, all these things can create lots of frustrations, frustrations that will affect the relationship. The best thing to do is to be open and honest with your partner about what you want and also about what you don’t want.

How can your man love you more?

Well, it is important to understand that men are much simpler than women. They don’t need too much to be happy. Yet, they need some specific things. First of all, men need sex. They absolutely love sex and diversity. They are open to trying new things in bed, which is why you should never have inhibitions in the bedroom.

 love sex and diversity

Enjoy sex and everything that comes with it and your man will love you even more. Second of all, respect is also very important for men. They will love their partners even more if they feel they are respected. Third of all, don’t forget about appreciation. Appreciating even the smallest things that your partner does for you is something that will make him fall in love with you a lot deeper.

The little attentions

They may seem trivial gestures, but small attentions and gifts really make a difference in a relationship. It shows your partner that you are always thinking of him, that you appreciate him and want to see him happy.


Lack of honesty is what destroys relationships the fastest. When trust disappears between two partners, this will lead to negative attitudes. You will deal with criticism, rejection and jealousy, for example. On the other hand, honesty and total trust in the person next to you are the deepest forms of intimacy. But even a single lie, no matter how innocent, can lead to the destruction of this state of deep harmony between two partners.


Desire can be defined as the connection between love and sex. It's a sign that the relationship is working. It is what sustains the love between two people. It is important to find ways to keep the desire alive between you.

connection between love and sex


Love is mysterious and magical and sometimes it can get out of hand. It is a word that can define a variety of other feelings. It is an emotion you feel when you like something or someone. It defines your potential to experience things you may never have felt. How you relate to love is a choice, but it comes unexpectedly and often gives you the impression that a person was specially created for you. But loving someone means accepting a person with all their qualities and flaws.

It means accepting that person with all the characteristics that make them unique. It means knowing everything about a person and not being bothered by anything. It means understanding the person next to you in the most intimate and profound way. The love between two mature people is more than a feeling. It can be compared to the ability to create a work of art. Love must be nurtured with acceptance, patience, and above all, daily exercise.


One of the most important things associated with love is intimacy. This is a state where you can not only accept anything but also be completely honest with all the cards on your face. It is a state where being vulnerable is no longer a weakness. It is more than just a romantic relationship, it complements love and helps you develop it.


Open and honest communication should be part of any healthy relationship. Important conversations should not be put off, but neither should they be started in moments of crisis or when partners feel vulnerable. For example, a discussion about problems in the bedroom is not very suitable for a holiday party, where the main purpose is to have fun. Important conversations need maximum concentration. Furthermore, anger is not justified if it is not accompanied by an honest discussion. You will lose the opportunity to solve an important couple's problem.

Give him more of your time

It is essential that partners in a couple do things together. Here are some ideas you can put into practice:

  • Plan a romantic getaway as soon as you can take a few days off.
  • Make your partner dinner and surprise him when he gets home.
  • Have a glass of wine and talk about how your day was.
  • Find a hobby that you both enjoy and make time for it.
  • Don't let a busy life get in the way of your relationship.

You should prioritize each other. The time you spend together will remind you of the love you share, making it impossible for the bond between you to disappear overnight.

Be grateful for all the little things your partner does for you

Make sure you tell your partner how grateful you are for all the things he does for you. Don't know what to thank him for? Here are some ideas:

  • When he makes sure to clean the house before you get home from the office.
  • When she leaves you alone when you need some alone time without stressing you out.
  • When he cooks dinner for you.
  • When he asks you how your day was and listens carefully to what you tell him.
  • When he makes you laugh after a tiring and stressful day.