Myths about sex workers

Myths about sex workers


Sex work is a malign form of labor, and often subject to speculation as well as misrepresentation. The sex industry has developed a lot over the years, and today there are various types of sex workers all over the world. In the following, we will show you the most common misconceptions.

Prostitution is the most degrading job in the world

This is definitely one of the most common myths about sex workers and Zurich escorts. Like caring as well as domestic work, prostitution is a form of women’s work. Due to the fact that escorts offer sexual pleasure in exchange for money, they are being considered fewer women. Plus, people think that they do not need to be respected and treated nicely.

This is certainly a wrong perception, because, outside this industry, these workers can actually be amazing people. Capitalism means that escorts are selling their labor in ways that most of the time feel alienating or exploitative. Increasingly more sex workers are being rejected from the social point of view.

They are being treated badly by people who don’t even know them. Furthermore, they are being judged all the time, and this is something that truly affects their emotional and mental state. Prostitution is not the most degrading job in the world. Let’s not forget about those people who are doing lots of illegal things and who are not judged by anyone, and so on.

The sex industry is full of rich entrepreneurs

It is true that the sex industry is a lot more developed today than it used to be in the past, and that sex workers are earning more money than before. A professional escort girl Suisse can earn lots of money if she is experienced and dates wealthy clients. However, this doesn’t mean that the entrepreneurs from the sex industry are super-rich. Some of them might be, but most of them are definitely not.

Moreover, let’s not forget that many escorts are working independently. They do not have a boss, and they choose their own clients as well as the amount of money they charge. When it comes to the money escorts earn, some of them who have a great experience will earn more than the ones who are at the beginning. As a sex worker, you need to look good, be smart, and have lots of experience in order to be rich. Otherwise, you will not earn too much money.

The police keep sex workers safe

Sex workers all over the world report verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or even rape. Even so, it seems that police don’t do anything because these things still continue to take place. It is definitely a myth that police keep sex workers safe because they also earn money from this industry. The truth is that they cannot do much, especially in countries where prostitution is legal. The only thing that the police can do is to stop those who are being aggressive with sex workers. However, not all escorts are reporting these situations.