New things couples should try in bed

New things couples should try in bed


If you don’t do anything for improving your intimate relationship, the heat could die out entirely. Even the spark might disappear. Therefore, you should know how to add some spice to your relationship, once in a while. Here are some new and exciting things you should try in bed. 

Try new positions

The famous Kama Sutra book details 64 sexual positions. We are sure that you haven’t tried all of them. Therefore, you should have a look at them and try something new with your partner. The sexual routine can quickly become monotonous. To avoid this, try some new and exciting positions. Keep in mind that all sex positions start from one of the three starting points.

These points are: him or her on top, face-to-face vs rear entry, and standing or lying side-by-side. Everything else is only a variation on one of those. In case you don’t like the new positions you try, there is nothing wrong with going back to old faithful for the orgasm. However, both of you might discover sensations you never knew existed. Ticino escorts are an excellent choice for men who are looking for sex and fun.

Keep the lights on

Many couples are having sex with the lights off. Next time you are being intimate with your partner, make sure you keep the lights off. Seeing your partner’s body is something that will add extra pleasure. Men who have sex with the lights on experience more sex drive and have increased testosterone levels. You should be confident about your body and simply enjoy sex to the fullest.

Only by doing so, you can experience the most intense pleasure ever. Don’t forget that men are visual creatures. They absolutely love watching their partners doing naughty things in bed. Call girls are highly appreciated by men because they are not judgmental and they allow their clients to feel in their element and do in bed whatever they feel.

Go for light bondage

Some couples absolutely love BDSM. If you haven’t tried it before, maybe it is time to do it. You never know if you like it until you actually try it. BDSM means bondage and discipline, domination and submission, as well as sadism and masochism. Many people enjoy the rush of helplessness or the thrill of power. Occasionally, it is recommended for couples to switch roles and hire a Ticino escort.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended to not go straight to handcuffs or ropes. Also, make sure you don’t use slipknots because they can constrict and cut off circulation. Instead, you should use a stationary knot such as a bowline or a square knot. Plus, don’t forget to tease with foods, tongues, feathers, or even foods.

Share fantasies

You certainly have some fantasies that you haven’t mentioned to your partner. This is the right time to confess to him and add some spice to your sex life. Your partner might be ashamed of her or his sexual fantasies, and that’s why communication is so important.