Offer him the best oral sex ever

Oral sex is the favorite of men, so if you want to drive your partner crazy, make time for such erotic pampering. Why do we say that you have to make time for this experience that activates every nerve in the man's brain?

Because successful oral sex is the one that unfolds, the one that gives the man the opportunity to explore a wide area of sensations. Here's what you can do to be passionate and full of fantasy when you give your lover oral sex.

passionate and full of fantasy

Make sure the area is properly moistened

Do you want to give your partner an oral sex just like a professional escort Morges? If so, then in the following you will learn some very useful tips. As you like when your partner is waiting to be ready for penetration, so you should give him all the necessary conditions for passionate and exciting oral sex. The wetting of the sexual organ is the first step in this regard, as it makes the lips slide easier, to feel like a touch.

This detail may not be important to you, but a man experiences much stronger sensations when the partner's lips slid slightly on the body of the sexual organ. The gesture to moisten the penis is also an exciting moment for a man, so repeat it every time it is needed.

Give him delicate kisses and touches with the tongue

During oral sex, you must take full advantage of all your strengths. For a passionate experience, you can start the fellation with guided kisses throughout the intimate area. They act as a sexual stimulant and increase adrenaline. Alternate passionate kisses and delicate touches with the entire length of the sexual organ and on the testicles.

You probably already know that the testicles are very sensitive to any impulse. Do not feel ashamed to touch them, whether it is with your hand or with your mouth. He will feel a lot more pleasure and he will love you even more. Oral sex is very important for men and they absolutely love it.

Stimulate him manually during oral sex

Stimulate him manually during oral sex

As I said, during the fellation you have to use all the elements you have available. The hand plays an important role in oral sex, as it amplifies the sensations and adds an extra sensuality to the moments of intimacy. When you feel that your partner is approaching orgasm, you can stop for a few moments the oral stimulation. The handles are essential in these moments, as they easily relax the penis, but at the same time maintain arousal.

In addition, the handles are passionate and sensual, which is exactly what men want. Then, you can continue to stimulate the penis with your mouth and hand testicles at the same time, for sensations of double intensity.

Be creative and come up with something new

Oral sex is an inexhaustible source of hot ideas for dream experiences. Do not platform you in the same position and the same movements every time. The more creative you manage, the more satisfaction you will give him. Change your position often during oral sex, so as to give it the opportunity to explore different sensations.

For example, the penis is stimulated in a way when you are in front of him, but when you are on one side, the sensations can change. You can also use different products to amplify sensations. Chocolate whiskey or topping are always suitable for successful oral sex. Let's not talk about ice cubes or hot-cold alternation, which gives them strengths.

Do not be afraid to experience new things during oral sex, especially since men are open to new challenges and nothing more than the woman's courage. Make sure his penis is all wet so that the sensations he feels can be as intense as possible. Give him an oral sex that he will never forget. He will appreciate this effort from you and he will want to return it back. So, you both win and improve your sex life. Oral sex is very pleasurable for both men and women.

Be careful with your teeth

Teeth do not exist. It could be just as well and in a glass on the bedside table. Use the same principle that you apply when you eat super cold ice cream with some super sensitive molars. You need to form a cavity with your mouth and use the tongue and sky of your mouth to create a vacuum to hold to your teeth.

Keep this in mind throughout the duration. It's easy to forget, especially if you're drunk. A trick would be to hold your lips over your teeth as if they were the protective guards they hold in the mouthpieces. This way, you will not hurt his penis with your teeth. He will only feel a lot of pleasure.

Concentration is important in oral sex

Concentration is important in oral sex

The key to a good blowjob is concentration. You have to be careful throughout the act. Do you know the concentration you show when you want to crush an ice cream cornet without staining your blouse? It is the same. Be in the moment and don't think about something else.

Believe in what you do

I am not talking here about the languages you give without a heart to prepare for penetration. If you are not going to trust him and be devoted one hundred percent, better let her. If you feel vulnerable when you idolize his penis, it is probably because you still have inhibitions.

Rub with confidence

Rub with confidence, then grab the belt with confidence as if it was yours. Try not to struggle too much with the belt, it's okay even to ask for help. Don't clear it before you get on. Communication is essential because guys cannot refuse a blowjob no matter how stupid they do. The hardest part is to make sure he is satisfied with what you do without leaving the impression that you are insecure.