Oral sex positions that any woman should try

Oral sex positions that any woman should try

All women love oral sex, just like men do. It is very important that once your partner decides to offer you oral sex, you are in the right position so that you will experience the most intense sensations ever. Oral sex is very pleasurable and extremely intimate, and it can definitely help a couple create a stronger connection between them. Here are the best oral sex positions that any woman should try.

Woman lying down

In general, this is a position that Bern escorts prefer the most. Escorts are very popular today, in all countries, and they definitely have a very fulfilling sex life. If you ever meet an escort, you can surely learn lots of things about what men actually want in bed. However, returning to our subject, this position provides the most ease for oral sex action. Both partners will enjoy the moment to the fullest, especially if the woman props her hips up on a pillow, as this will create easier access to the giver. Due to the fact that this oral sex position doesn’t require too much additional support on joints, it is very often considered one of the most comfortable positions.

A woman standing and a man kneeling

This is a very exciting position that will offer any woman an extremely intense orgasm. This is a quite athletic approach to cunnilingus, but one that it is extremely sexy. In this position, the woman will feel more dominant, and if you are in front of a mirror, then the sensations will be even more intense. If the woman usually gets weak in the knees when she orgasms, then she might want to use a chair to tumble onto when she actually has an orgasm. For this position, it is highly recommended for the woman to have one foot on the floor and the other one elevated on the edge of the chair or the bed. Men who are interested in experiencing oral sex at a deeper level should hire a professional sex worker from lEscort.

A woman sitting on her man’s face

There is no doubt that this position is very intimate and extremely intense at the same time. In plus, the woman can move the way she wants it so that she can have a very intense orgasm, easily and quickly. This position is knowns as the ’’Queening’’ position, as it is a very dominant one. The woman can either stay still while her partner uses his mouth and his tongue for offering pleasure, or she can ’’ride’’ her partner until she reaches the orgasm. This oral sex position is preferred by lots of women because they are in control and they know exactly how to move for amazing sensations. On the other hand, if you are a man and you are looking to experience the most intense oral sex ever, then by hiring a call girl you will certainly get what you want, and the whole experience will certainly be an amazing and unforgettable one.