Reasons why you should explore the culture of Nyon

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Nyon is a small but picturesque town in Switzerland, that has a quite small population, but still manages to host lots of interesting and attractive features. Nyon is located 25 kilometers northeast from the center of Geneva, and it lies on the shores of beautiful Lake Leman. Over time, increasingly more tourists became extremely attracted to what this location actually has to offer. It could be the interesting history with wonderful attractions that date back to the times of the Celtic Helvetians as well as the Romans, and from the Middle Ages, or the vineyards that surround the entire region. Here are the reasons why you should explore to the fullest the culture of Nylon, Switzerland.

Rock on – Paleo Festival

Paleo Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in entire Europe. Every single year, millions of visitors come to Nyon in July, in order to delight their years with some of the most famous rock bands as well as singers from all over the world. This event actually started in 1976 as a quite small folk festival. Over time, the festival has hosted bands like The Cure, The Kooks, Placebo, The Prodigy, The Who, Iggy Pop, and the list continues. It is important that once you decide to attend this event, you book your tickets ahead of time. If you are a single man who is looking for some fun at this festival, but unfortunately you are traveling alone, then you should go for escort girl Suisse. These ladies can easily be found in Geneva, which is extremely close to Nyon, and they are without a doubt the perfect choice for anyone who is traveling alone in Switzerland and is looking for fun. However, many people would think that this is not the right time to hire an escort Nyon, because of the coronavirus pandemic, but the truth is that so far in Switzerland haven’t been declared any Vivid 19 case whatsoever. Many of these ladies are still working, and men can easily hire them from lEscort.

Get to know the lovely town

The Nyon town is simply beautiful, even if it’s quite small. The entire place is very relaxing and welcoming, and it is without a doubt a good choice for anyone who is interested in tranquility. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling just for the festival, or if you are simply passing through because you must definitely stop for at least a few hours in order to get to know this lovely town. Make sure you don’t miss the little charming train through Nyon which passes by the various interesting places of Nyon, starting with the roman Colonia Iulia Equestris and it ends at the Renaissance. In fact, this train is an excellent option for all the tired visitors of the Paleo Festival, for families with children, and also for those with difficulties walking. All in all, this place will definitely surprise you in a very beautiful way.

The real thing – Nyon Castle

Tourists have the chance to enjoy for free the small but beautiful courtyard, and also the wonderful views of Lake Geneva, Mt Blanc in France, and the stunning French Alps. The Nyon castle houses at the moment the town’s Musee Historique et des Porcelaines, and the Caveau des Vignerons where visitors can taste various Nyon wines made by local producers.