Reasons why you should try anal sex

Anal sex does not seem the best idea? Read our article and learn a few reasons why it would not be bad to try an anal sex game. Anal sex is not easy to practice but if you do it correctly then you can experience lots of pleasure, whether you are a man or a woman.

Date an escort if you want to experience anal sex

If you haven’t had anal sex before but you want to give it a go, then you should date an escort. Sex workers are professionals and they know exactly how to have anal sex so that both partners can feel intense pleasure and not pain. Since this type of sex is not easy, you need to date an escort Bellinzona. The girl will teach you lots of interesting and useful tips for enjoying the best anal sex ever. Remember one important thing: bring the lubricant with you. This is mandatory if you want to have anal sex.

Sex workers are professionals

Anal sex: reasons to have anal sex

If you think of trying to have anal sex, you probably have a series of questions: Is it safe, it hurts, and what can go wrong during a game? And, especially, what advantages do you have if you have anal sex? For some, anal sex is a sensational intense experience, but for others can be horrible. Before completely abandoning the idea, here are some serious advantages, which you deserve to consider.

There is absolutely no chance of an unwanted pregnancy

When sex involves a penis and a vagina, even if you use protection, there is always a chance for an unwanted pregnancy. In the case of anal sex, this is completely out of the question. Yet, you should always use protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Also, it is very important that you don't have anal sex and then vaginal sex because there are lots of microbes that can cause urinal infection.

You can have an intense orgasm

Yes, the big one is 100% possible during anal. In fact, you can experience an anal orgasm in some different ways. An anal orgasm can be very intense. Moreover, the nerve endings of the clitoris are actually stretching up to the anus. So, on its stimulation, you can rely on a memorable anal-sex game.

It's the perfect opportunity to try some new toys

It's not a good idea to go straight from zero to penis if you never tried to have anal sex before. Instead, the best solution, in this case, is to start with a finger or two, then try toys like anal balls or plugs. And things can always become interesting when you start incorporating toys. Do you need a source of inspiration to start the fun? Visit a sex shop or a profile site and choose some matching toys.

It is a chance to experience something new

Trying something new in the bedroom is a great way to keep things interesting ... and hot. Start by combining anal with other things you do during sex. If you are a fan of clitoral stimulation, try to do this during anal. Do you like the roles exchange? Try this too. Just make sure you include lubricants in any attempt. The anus does not naturally lubricate how your vagina does, which means you have to produce the slippery sensation on your own.

Try to touch your partner’s anus with your hand, slowly, and don’t forget to use a lubricant. Then, penetrate her with a finger several times until she relaxes enough and starts to feel pleasure. Then it is the right time to start penetrating her with your penis. Again, remember to use lots of lubricants to avoid pain.

Become incredibly close to your partner

Like in the case of a classic sex party, you have to have a rather close relationship with your partner. Analyze the best anal sex positions, placement, and angle - all things that make it more enjoyable. Also, you need open communication. If something hurts, you should not be afraid to speak. There are studies that have shown that women feel much closer and emotionally connected with a partner with which they have had anal sex.

This sex requires a greater degree of trust and much better communication. Anal sex can be amazing but only if you know exactly how to have it. It is not something you should have in a rush because it can hurt you quite a lot. Both partners need to be patient and the man should gently penetrate his partner. Using sex toys before the actual penetration is a very good idea. Sex is amazing and you should experience it at a deeper level. You should not only have vaginal sex but oral or anal sex as well.

happy and fulfilling sex life

If you feel like your intimate life has become boring, then try new things in bed. Try anal sex, oral sex, new positions, and techniques, or bring sex toys into the bedroom. There are lots of things you and your partner can do for a happy and fulfilling sex life. Just make sure you know exactly what your partner wants and what are his boundaries. Communication is important and you should always feel comfortable enough to talk about your sexual desires. Maybe you have some fantasies that you would like to try. Maybe you have a certain fetish in mind that you want to make real.

A fulfilling sex life means that all your sexual desires are satisfied by your partner. Of course, you should do the same. This way, none of you will feel the need to date other partners for sex because all your sexual needs will be met within the relationship. Sex is great and you need to enjoy it to the fullest. You must make it one of your top priorities, no matter how busy your life is. Even if you have kids, you should never ignore sex because if you do so then the connection between you and your partner will have serious problems.