Sex and Covid19. What you must know

Meet a Zurich escort on a pandemic time


Sex is a healthy and natural part of life. Yet, during this pandemic, close contact with another person is quite risky. So, a common question arises – what does safe sex look like with Covid19? How can people still have sex and be safe at the same time? In fact, is this still possible? We all have heard the saying that safe sex is no sex, but abstinence is not reasonable for many people.

Does the virus spread through sex?

Dating Zurich escorts or any other sex workers is not a good idea given the fact that we deal with a pandemic. Of course, the virus spreads through sex. In fact, any other virus or disease can spread through sex as long as you don’t use the condom. The virus can spread through mucus, saliva, and the breath of those who have it. Plus, let’s not forget about the contaminated surfaces that once they are being touched the risk of getting Covid19 increases significantly.

Also, if you are touching your partner’s genitals, then it is likely to get the infection. Any possibility of transfer of Covid19, from your mouth to your hands, to genitals, to another person’s nose or mouth increases the risk of passing on this virus. That’s why it is being recommended to avoid kissing and wearing a face mask during sex. Also, it is best to choose positions where you do not face to face. Oral sex is not recommended either, whether we are talking about men or women.

Washing your hands for more than 20 seconds is something that must be done on a regular basis. A hand sanitizer must be used before and after sex. Protection includes using a condom and a face mask. So, don’t forget to take into consideration this advice to protect your health. A condom can protect against sexually transmitted diseases and the mask protects against the transmission of the Covid19 during close encounters.

Expert recommendations

Those who are in long-term relationships don’t need to use protection. Yet, people who are looking for casual sex or have just met a new person should use a condom every time they have sex. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, the face mask should not miss. Experts also recommend having a shower before having sex and after that as well. If you are planning to have sex with an escort, then you must be aware that the risks are even higher with these ladies.

If you still want to go for it, then make sure you respect all the safety rules we mentioned in this article. We don’t know for how long the pandemic will last, but we do know what to do for protecting our health. Where to find escorts during a pandemic? Well, most sex workers can be found online, if not all of them. In many countries, bars and night clubs have been closed. So, if this is the case for your country as well, then do some online research. Find a reliable website and hire a girl that you like.