Sex makes you smarter but what about virtual sex?

Sex makes you smarter but what about virtual sex?


There si no doubt that sex makes you smarter, and that’s because it clears your mind and offers you better concentration. However, what about virtual sex. Is this type of sex good from this point of view or not? Let’s find out more interesting stuff about this subject.

We all know that exercise promotes neurogenesis. Yet, some studies that have been made over time, claim that the best and the most intimate form of exercise is sexual activity. It seems that the effects that sex provides are quite the same as physical exercise. So, whether we are in a couple or single, sex should not miss from our lives. Those who don’t have a partner can still have sex with Lausanne escorts. And better yet, having multiple sexual experiences can result in a wonderfully positive effect than a single experience alone. Sex highly reduces anxiety and it helps get rid of depression.

If sex offers so many health benefits and it makes you more intelligent via changes in synaptic strength following the act, what about virtual sex? Is this type of sex as good as normal sex? Does it offer the same amazing benefits? Can you actually get the same benefits as long as your brain will be convinced that it is real at the time? Well, opinions are shared from this point of view. There are voices who say that the benefits offered by virtual sex are the same as the benefits offered by normal sex, and voices who say that you cannot expect the same advantages. Other studies have shown that high stress levels have a negative impact on memory as well as learning. However, it is important to know that not all stress is bad.

Sex is without a doubt a good form of stress, believe it or not, and it induced neural growth. Frequent sex is actually even better than a one-hit-wonder when it comes to increasing growth and reducing anxiety. Sex is enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding because during intimacy it is being released a good hormone called dopamine. Whether you are having normal sex or virtual sex, dopamine will be released once you have an orgasm. Dopamine has plenty of amazing functions in the brain, such as pleasure, focus and attention, reward, and motivation. This hormone has been linked to neural processing related to long-term potentiation, which is a change in synaptic strength related to learning.

As you can see, virtual sex is good, but only as long as it is not done too often. Otherwise, it can even lead to mental problems. In fact, any sexual fantasy can improve the sex life but only if it is done occasionally. For the best experience ever you should date a beautiful and sexy escort from lEscort. You will be absolutely impressed by how these women treat their clients and about what they know in terms of sex. Dating call girls can be a great idea for single men who need to have sex. So, consider this idea if you don’t have a partner at this moment. And, if you really want to try virtual sex, then you can go for it as well by hiring a professional escort.