Sex Positions You Need to Try

Sex life plays a very important role in any couple. Therefore, you must pay special attention to it and try as often as you can new things and positions. By doing so, you will not get bored and you will enjoy a happy and satisfying intimate life.

Introduce something fresh and exciting into the bedroom

Sex Biel makes us feel great. Plus, it improves our health in lots of ways. Every time you try something new, you actually set yourself up for a more stimulating experience. Furthermore, the orgasm can be more intense. Don’t forget that in those intimate moments, your brain is involved in your excitement and satisfaction.

sexual fantasy you have in mind

Therefore, you need to try every single sexual fantasy you have in mind for deep pleasure. You can try out different positions and moves in order to see what works best for you and your partner. Exploration between the sheets is something that all couples should try, no matter the age and how busy they are with their daily tasks. New and exciting positions will encourage you and your partner to be more vulnerable with one another.

And, this is a great thing for your relationship. The good news is that there are plenty of amazing sex positions you could try. You can never know too much about sex, and there is always something new to do. Let’s see what positions are the most popular and if you haven’t tried them yet, then it is time to go for them.


Well, this is definitely a very popular sex position that most couples absolutely love. Have your partner lie down and then climb on top. You need to face away from your partner’s upper body. Your genitals must be lined up with your partner’s mouth. In this position, both of you will feel super intense pleasure.

Alternatively, you could try it in a side-by-side position. This position is considered one of the best because it offers dual pleasure as both partners can offer and receive at once. If you want to make it hotter, then you could bring in a sex toy. This will surely spice up things quite a lot.


If you haven’t tried this position yet, you must definitely try it. Near the edge of your bed or even at the edge of a sofa, rest on your hip. While you are doing this, forearm and press your thighs together. Your man stands and straddles you, while he enters from behind.

If you are keeping your legs pressed together while doing this position, you will actually allow for a tighter hold on your man. You should not let your partner do the entire work. You could thrust your hips slightly in order to match the tempo. This will make both of you feel more pleasure and more intense orgasms.


For this position, your partner must sit on a chair. He can also sit on the edge of the bed. The good news is that you are in total control in this position. Therefore, you can control the moves and the rhythm as well. You need to face your partner, seated on his lap.

Being seated means that you have full support, which is excellent for marathon sex sessions. If you want to make this even hotter, then let your fingers do the talking. You can actually put your hands anywhere on your body to make things more interesting. Don’t forget to also touch your partner.

Doggy Style

For this position, get on all fours. Once you do so, have your partner kneel behind you. His upper body must be straight up or even slightly draped over you. This position is perfect for deep penetration. Plus, your partner can easily stimulate your clitoris so that you can feel more pleasure. Also, if you want you can stimulate the clitoris while your partner touches your breasts. Do it by hand or by using a clitoris vibrator which you can buy from a sex shop.

Pretzel Dip

Pretzel Dip is another sex position that many couples prefer. What you must do is lie on your right side. While doing so, your man kneels, straddling your right leg and curling your left leg around his left side. In this position, you can also enjoy deep penetration. This means a lot more pleasure for both of you. On the other hand, if deep penetration is not your thing, your man can easily grind against up against you stimulating the clitoris.

surprise your partner with this hot sex position


Keep your legs straight while you lie facedown on the bed. Also, make sure you don’t forget to keep your hips slightly raised. Flatiron is a sex position that creates a snug fit. Your man’s penis will seem even larger, which of course will offer you lots of pleasure. Make sure you try this technique in order to spice up things in the bedroom. We guarantee that you won’t regret it. It will make you feel incredible. Don’t be shy and surprise your partner with this hot sex position.

Legs over Shoulders

This position is pretty self-explanatory. You must be on top, and put your legs over your partner’s shoulders. Do you want to spice things up? Well, if so, then introduce a vibrator. Many ladies need clitoral stimulation during intercourse. So, a small vibrator for your clitoris will certainly upgrade your experience from okay to incredible. This position is not easy. So, make sure you can do it without a problem.


You have certainly tried this sex position, which is the most popular one. Yet, this doesn’t mean that it is predictable. You can always make it hotter. You can modify the missionary position by using the coital alignment technique. This means that you need to position yourself several inches higher than usual. Moreover, instead of thrusting in and out, you need to grind your pelvis upwards in a rocking motion. Both of you will feel amazing and you will experience intense pleasure.