The importance of sexual communication

Some women consider the brain the most important sexual organ. On the other hand, men want to have more sex than women. It is not a secret anymore that men are different than women, and it is normal to be this way.

Also, these days, lots of guys are seeing sex workers because they are not having a satisfying sex life at home. They either have sex very rarely or they don’t have the kind of sex they would like to have. It is not something bad to occasionally date an escort Neuchatel, but if this is the best option, then there is surely a serious problem in your relationship

intimate life can improve if both partners

The good news is that intimate life can improve if both partners want that and if they both work to achieve this goal. So, if you are in this situation and you want to do something about it, then continue reading. In order for the sex relationship to improve, the partners could address each other the following questions in privacy:

  1. What exactly do you like in terms of sex? What are the areas where you want to be touched and how would you like to be touched?
  2. What is the favorite time of the day when you would like to have sex?
  3. What is the preferred form of prelude? Do you want to have a prelude? How lond would you like the prelude to last?
  4. What are your favorite fantasies? Do you want to include dialog about these fantasies during sexual intercourse? Or maybe you want to show what you like. Note that some people like showing it than speaking about their fantasies.

50% of partners say stress and fatigue reduce the desire to have sex. Being too tired to have sex is equivalent to depression. In the current economic climate, many partners either work until late, do not like their job, or are looking for a job. Sexual activity is not a primordial need for survival, instead, the lack of a job can have a serious impact on sexual life and life in general.

Stimulation of sexual desire

Here are some tips to have again the desire to have sex after a long day of work

  1. When you can, order home food. Without cooking and washing the pots, you can get in the bedroom a little more excited.
  2. Do not talk about your problems when you want to have sex with him. Discuss anything else, but not about your job or your problems. Simply relax and enjoy the company of your partner.
  3. Give each other a massage as an alternative to sex. Do this when you are feeling stressed and you want to relax.
  4. If the massage is not among your preferences, play a game, relax together or take a small walk. All this can help you have a suitable state of mind to have sex.
  5. If you are too tired or stressed to have sex, then try to include physical touches in your program every night. Offer your partner a good night kiss or a hug to keep the desire for future sexual contact.

Hugs and kisses, a phone, or a message at work, works great to keep the passion flame. A warm welcome when the partner gets home from work, a "love you" or "I'm glad you have arrived" are important ways to express your love.

Top 5 situations that can destroy your libido

enjoy sexual pleasure
  1. One of the most important causes of libido destruction is the unresolved emotional problems between you and a partner. Many people do not understand and do not respect the power of adequate communication in a relationship. By emotional involvement, an intimate relationship is created on the loneliness. To think positive about your partner and your life is the foundation that could be the basis for passion in a relationship.
  2. Insufficient stress and sleep - passion can not be present without relaxation. Sex life can be adversely influenced by too much stress. If stress is associated with lack of sleep, the combination is exhausting and will not be very sexy. Even if you have a healthy libido, you will not succeed in sexual activity if you do not rest enough. So, make sure you sleep enough and that your sleep is very comfortable and refreshing.
  3. Obesity and self-image - obesity is growing worldwide. This is directly correlated with the lack of sexual desire and poor sexual infancy. A person in this situation should follow a diet and exercise. This will help her lose the extra weight and therefore have a better sex life.

Issues related to the image of your own body are not limited to excess weight. Sexual desire is triggered from the brain, so to enjoy sexual pleasure you have to love your body.

  1. Many of the medical problems associated with low libido are treatable. Yet, they can be associated with other more serious health problems. Erectile dysfunction and hormonal problems affect sexual appetite. These problems need to be evaluated by a doctor.

If you think some of the medicines you use have a negative impact on sexual desire, ask your doctor if there are better options.

  1. Alcohol, drugs, and depression - Many people think that if they consume alcohol or recreational drugs, their libido will grow. However, by using them, a number of problems specific to sexual life could be triggered.

Recreational drugs and alcohol are usually used as aphrodisiacs. But if they are used prolonged, then they will have the opposite effect.

Every couple should consider their sex life alone of the top priorities for strong health and also for a great connection between partners. It is always better to prevent this kind of problem than to treat them. Therefore, make sure you consider this advice and start building a satisfying and fulfilling intimate life. Your relationship will highly improve, not to mention the fact that the intimate connection will also increase your love.