The risks of having sex without protection

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Sex is good for your physical and mental health. Plus, it is a wonderful way to express your feelings when you are in love. When it comes to protection, opinions are shared. Some people use condoms whereas others use other protection methods or none. Let’s have a look at the risks of having sex without protection.

Condoms and sex

Condoms are excellent at preventing sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. An infection can be transmitted between partners during various types of sex if they are not using a condom. Having sex without protection can carry several risks depending on how many partners you have and also the type of sex you are having. Therefore, if you are having a date with Ticino escorts, then don’t forget to bring a few condoms with you.

The risk of STI transmission is higher without a condom

There is no doubt that the risk of getting an infection is a lot higher when having sex without protection. By using a condom you will actually reduce to the minimum the risk of transmission of most STIs, such as syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, gonorrhea, and more. It is also important to know that you can contract an infection and not see the specific symptoms for days, months, or in some cases even years.

Plus, an infection can affect major organs, and it can cause infertility issues and serious problems during pregnancy. If you want to have a one night stand with an escort, then you must always use protection. Choose a professional from a reliable site escort.

STI risk depends on the number of sex partners

The risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection depends on the number of sex partners you have. Again, you can reduce the risk by using condoms regularly. Furthermore, you should also get tested for STIs before every new partner you are vaping sex with. Other protection methods will not reduce this risk.

Take into account the fact that some STIs aren’t always included in a standard STI test. For example, the human papillomavirus can be detected with a different test. Your doctor will offer you the necessary information about all the tests you need to take for detecting a sexually transmitted infection.

Having an STI can increase the chance of contracting HIV

The risk of contracting this serious disease is a lot higher for those who are living with an STI. All these infections cause an inflammation that activates the same immune cells HIV likes to attack. Plus, STIs can also cause sores that allow HIV to enter the bloodstream.

Condomless sex can increase the risk of HIV transmission

HIV can easily be transmitted via the mucous membranes of sexual organs. In some cases, it can also be transmitted through cuts or sores on different areas of the body. Condoms create a physical barrier that helps to prevent HIV transmission. When two partners engage in sex without using a condom, they do not have that layer of protection. Condoms are effective at preventing HIV only when they are being used every time you have sex. The ones that are made of latex provide the best protection.