Things that will drive him crazy in bed

Women know that men love sex more than anything else. This show they express their desire and love for their partner. They are different than women, and therefore, women must know what to do in bed to satisfy them.

Here are some of the things that will drive him crazy in bed and that will make him want you even more.

Men dream about having sex with escorts

Most men would like to try this experience at least once in their lives. Just the thought of having sex with someone experienced excites them. They want to make all their fantasies come true with a professional escort Como. They want to be seduced by a sexy and hot woman with lots of experience with sex.

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So, if you want your partner to be satisfied, then you should act like a professional call girl. Learn new and exciting positions and techniques to drive him crazy. Forget about daily stress and make love like it is for the last time. Simply be there in the moment and do not let anything disturb you.

Only when you are fully present you will be able to enjoy sex to the fullest. Keep that in mind and do everything you want with your partner. Make all your fantasies come true. Also, if your partner has certain sexual fantasies, do your best to make them real. This I show your relationship will improve and your sex life will become a satisfying one.

Connect with your partner for a fulfilled sex life

Do you want to know which are the deepest wishes of men? What fantasies do they have? You don't know where to start? Find out what men want in bed and learn to be an expert in the art of love!

Men secretly want to be incited with sensual gestures and erotic words even when they do not have sex. Thus, the prelude begins before reaching the bed, and the attraction between you will be even more intense.

The prelude

As mentioned above, it would be ideal for the prelude to start long before the sex session. For example, while you are at the office, write a daring message. Call him before you get home and tell him what you would like to do. What's next? It will be difficult for him to think of you all day, and you will have a meeting full of sensuality. In the evening, let the fantasies free. Let go of inhibitions and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

The accidental touches

Remember that the prelude is not intended exclusively for women. A successful love session assumes that both partners are present. Discrete touches are ideal for arousing your partner's imagination.

Although you are used to your lover initiating such gestures, he will like it if you do it! Touch his thighs or intimate area when you intersect or hit him in-joke over the bottom. There are a variety of gestures that have the role of arousing his lust. Do some research to know exactly what's best to do.

Sensual movements

You can bare a shoulder or sit in his arms. Don't forget about eye contact. It is extremely important. So look at it with passion in your eyes, bite your lips, and show him how much you desire him. All these gestures will put him on the jar!

Kisses all over his body

Just as women are terribly excited to be kissed by their partners, men also want to be kissed everywhere. Bite his ear lobe in a playful way, kiss his neck, his chest. Then descend slightly and touch his genital areas. With your lips! Men love this.

The lights on

Do you worry that your breasts don't look like 20 years old, and your abdomen is no longer as toned as it used to be? Are you afraid you have cellulite? Who do you think will notice all of this? Unfortunately, only you. Men are not attentive to these details. Love your body and your sex life will highly improve. As mentioned earlier, forget about any inhibitions you may have and enjoy sex to the fullest.

Relax! Leave the light on, be bold, and natural. Be free to experience all your fantasies.


Okay, you should not exaggerate or shock your neighbors. However, men love moans and excitement sounds that women make during sex.

In addition, he knows that he is on the right track. If you are even more daring, go to the following level. Use sexual language, tell your partner what you like, and how you want it, and praise it for the way it stimulates your erogenous areas. Success will be a guaranteed one!

Use sexual language


Yes, come with something new! Most women are inhibited in the bedroom. Don't be part of this category. Forget about the classic positions and propose a new position, which you have always wanted to try. Then explain exactly what you want to do. All these words will excite the man strongly.


Men are excited when their partner knows what he wants in bed. Leave the timidity aside and be open! While he is waiting for you in bed, you move lasciviously and come to him. Play with his imagination and he will go crazy.

Initiate sex

Probably most often your boyfriend is the one who initiates sex. From time to time, surprise him with your initiative when he is not waiting. For example, when your boyfriend watches TV, tell him you would like to do a massage, then excite him with tender handles. Tell him that you have no patience, that you want to make love. Now!


To motivate him to do next time the movements that took you to the peaks of orgasm, praise his performance. Use words that you know that excite him, tell him how good he is, how much you like what he is doing to you. You will surprise him, and his imagination will go crazy.