Things to do in Bern on a weekend

Things to do in Bern on a weekend

Are you planning a weekend escapade in Bern but you have no idea what to do there? Do you want to have a memorable trip? If so, then we will help you with some suggestions, so that you know exactly what spots to not miss. Therefore, here are the best things you can do in Bern for a weekend.

Crazy nightlife in Bern

Think of fancy barrooms, breezy lounges, as well as vibrant nightclubs- Bern has them all. Despite the big number of options to choose from, there are a few important spots that you must not miss on your trip to Bern. Therefore, we highly recommend you Grand Casino Bern, Du Theatre, Compass Bar, Sky Terrace, and also Turnhalle. Something else that we would like to recommend to single men is to hire a beautiful escort girl Suisse, for some fun and also for a memorable sexual experience. There are many attractive ladies in Bern, and also nearby, and they cannot wait to satisfy their clients in ways that they don’t even imagine. As for the locations we mentioned earlier, all of them are conveniently situated and with a pleasant ambiance, music, and drinks. Get ready to stomp your feet to the beat, try the most amazing drinks, and have an unforgettable weekend in Bern. Also, make sure you choose one of the girls from lEscort, and you will certainly not regret it.

The Old Town of Bern

One of the most important attraction sites in this city is the Old City of Bern. This is the federal city of Switzerland, as well as the capital of the Canton of Bern. It is located on the Swiss plateau between the Alps and the Jura. The entire place is quite impressive example of the high middle ages when it comes to the foundation of a city. The Old Town of Bern is an excellent example of a city that has been able to conserve very well over time, its medieval urban structure.

Historical Museum

The Historical Museum is another important touristic spot in Bern that you must not miss. This museum is one of Switzerland’s most amazing art-historical museums, where plenty of tourists come all year round. The Historical Museum has permanent collection features from different historical periods, such as prehistory, early history, and also ethnography. On the other hand, the temporary exhibition features a wide range of creative as well as innovative presentations displayed, all of them covering around 1.200 square meters. Visitors can also enjoy the exhibitions in an audiovisual way.

The Zytglogge

This is a stunning landmark medieval tower that has been built in the 13th century. The Zytglogge has served to Bern as a guard tower, and also as a prison clock tower. Tourists can admire it in the Old Town of Bern. What’s most popular at this tower is the astronomical calendar clock that looks amazing, and that has been built in 1530, which means that it is the oldest watches in entire Switzerland.