Tips for passionate sex

Most women have not discovered their maximum sexual potential. They would be surprised by what they are capable of when they exceed the self-imposed erotic limits. Many try to drive away the routine in sex life with different sexual positions and techniques. Yet, the solution does not consist of diversification.

The key to a sexual act together consists in the passion for the act. According to sexologists, passion can be found even in a long-term relationship. Here are the techniques by which you can enjoy a passionate sexual act.

passionate sexual act

Enjoy the emptiness of your body when the bath is full of steam

You can learn a lot from an escort Geneva. These women know a lot about sex and about pleasure. So, as a man, you can even date an escort a few times to learn how to satisfy your partner better. You can learn new positions and techniques that will offer your girl intense pleasure and hot orgasms.

When you just stopped the water from the shower, do not rush to wipe. Call your lover and let him take the towel. Watch his reflection in the bathroom mirror and notice how he looks at you when he wipes you, touching your erogenous areas.

Most couples do not give the opportunity to enjoy their emptiness. Therefore, they remain with some inhibitions. That is why sex with extinguished light is also practiced after a long relationship. Touch, challenge him, and teach him to satisfy you if you have not masturbated with him yet, stop thinking.

The sex party will be more passionate if your boyfriend follows you while you touch and challenge yourself. Nothing awakens male sexual instincts faster than an explicit sexual image. Besides the fact that you put him on the jar and he will want to get into action as soon as possible, you will now know how.

You can show him the way you want to be touched

The fact that you include him at such an intimate moment, facilitates sexual communication between you. Therefore, he will learn to anticipate your wishes. This sexual communication is essential for a passionate sex party. It increases the intensity of the tactile sense you already know that when you are blocked, the others become sharper.

Take advantage of this fact during sexual intercourse. You can make a much more intense and passionate sexual act if you play with your senses. Determine not to make any sound during sexual intercourse. Thus you inhibit your visual and auditory senses, and the tactile sense becomes more acute.

In this game, you can only satisfy yourself by touch. Thus, you will get more involved in exploring your bodies. You will discover new erogenous areas and new movements. The sexual act will have a note of unpredictability and novelty. This will make you live everything as passionate as in the beginning.

Learn how to lose yourself during sexual intercourse if you let him dominate you

lose yourself during sexual intercourse

Give up any control trace, and the sensations during the act will be much more intense. Choose a position in which he can hold your hands and let him lead you. This way you will be able to focus only on your own pleasure.

When you lose control and leave yourself in his hand, pleasure will become overwhelming. Do not stay away from this sensation. If you are unable to oppose physically, so you will feel mental, and the orgasms will come much easier. Focus and losing yourself are two indissoluble things in the sexual act.

In order to achieve absolute satisfaction during sexual intercourse, you must focus only on your act and sensitive points. Then, you can lose yourself in the world you have created and let yourself be taken by the wave.

It is normal to have emotions before you sleep with a man. Yet, it is extremely important for you to feel good in your skin. What does this thing mean? First of all, forget about all the physical complexes you have. Taste the erotic moments spent with him. Secondly, do not do certain things in the obligation, otherwise, you will not feel comfortable trying them. The man with whom you take this step must be one who respects you and makes you feel safe with him.

Determine a special connection!

Do not treat the moment as a simple sex party, even if it seems initially. Do everything in your power to feel tied to you afterward. Pay attention to his needs, always look him passionately in the eye and listen to his breath. Read on his body what he likes to do, without him telling you.

Thus, he will feel that you are the woman he needs next to him forever. Do not neglect yourself while making love, but not even focus your attention on orgasm. He may disappoint you at certain times, but be careful to be gentle with him. Encourage him, to be seductive, warm, and open. He will quickly realize that he will not find another woman like you.

Touch him with sensuality!

It conquers every centimeter of his body. Physical contact plays an important role in intimate relationships, so you should take this into account. Care for him a lot, hold him by hand and forget about all the women he has been before you. Your bodies must be permanently achieved, to increase the level of privacy and to create a special connection.

Talk to him about what you feel!

The last piece of advice, but not the last, is communication. Your intimate moment should not be a mechanical act, but one in which you give yourself body and soul. Tell him what you feel when you are with him, what sensations he offers you, using the sensuality of the whispers.

Encourage him to do the same. Let him open in front of you. If it is not easy for him to do this, ask him to tighten his body according to the intensity of the pleasure he feels. This trick will do wonders.