Unmissable things to do in beautiful Ticino

Unmissable things to do in beautiful Ticino

Ticino is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. If you really want to have an amazing trip, then there are several amazing spots that you must not miss while you are here. Take a look at the following unmissable to do in beautiful Ticino.

Relax at one of the many wonderful bars

There are lots of bars in Ticino, but we will recommend you the best ones that you must not miss. Bar Chicco D’Oro is an excellent place for those who would like to try some amazing cocktails while enjoying a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The Trinity Irish Pub also worth a try, and you must not miss it either. Hire one of the prettiest and most attractive Ticino escorts, so that you can spend an amazing night out.

Don’t miss the Brissago Islands

A visit to Ticino is definitely not complete without a visit to Brissago Islands. To get here you need to take a boat from Ascona or from Locarno and get off at San Pancrazio, which is the larger of the two islands. Due to the fact that the climate here is subtropical, the Brissago Islands is the place where you will find the amazing Ticino’s official botanical garden. Tourists will have the chance to admire plants as well as flowers from all over the world. You will see palm trees, cacti, bamboo, yuccas, and much more. During weekends, this tourist attraction is extremely busy, and that’s why it is recommended to better visit it from Monday to Friday. Also, don’t forget to enjoy a delicious coffee at the on-site café, while enjoying the stunning views.

Enjoy the castles of Bellinzona

There are not less and not more than three castles of Bellinzona, that you should certainly not miss while you are in Ticino. Each of these three castles has a wonderful museum, and the main attraction is Castelgrande, which is open all year round. The journey here will be absolutely impressive, as you will walk on the castle grounds that date back to the 13th century. Furthermore, the scenic views are extremely beautiful. For hiring an escort for company, search on the internet petites annonces erotiques, and see what girls are available in your area.

Cross the Tibetan hanging bridge at Curzutt

Along your way to the castles of Bellinzona, you will have the chance to see the charming and amazing hamlet of Curzutt. This is a traditional village where the houses are made out of stone. This architecture actually gives an insight into how life used to be many years ago when people lived on the hillsides.

Visit the LAC Lugano arts center

There is no doubt that Lugano is a city of culture. There are plenty of stunning art pieces displayed in museums as well as outdoors. The LAC Lugano Arts Center is the perfect place for art exhibits and for concerts as well. This location is home to an extensive permanent collection. In plus, the spot also hosts special exhibits that you must definitely not miss. If you are into live music, then you must make sure you keep an eye on the event calendar. On lEscort you can find an amazing company for your stay in Ticino.