Useful tips for oral sex in women

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There is no doubt that sex is fantastic, but when it comes to oral sex, this can offer the most intense sensations, for both women and men. Penetration is not the easiest route to an amazing orgasm for most ladies. All women describe oral sex as extremely pleasurable, and it is not hard to guess why. The direct clitoral stimulation is very intense, and it can easily and quickly lead to the desired orgasm. Here are some useful tips for oral sex in women that men should take into account.

Recline back on the bed


Lying on your back on the bed, while your man’s head is between your legs is without a doubt 100% about your pleasure. You can relax and close your eyes while enjoying the most amazing pleasure ever. You can also hold your man’s head to feel more connected or even steer him to the spot where you want his mouth to go. This will make you go crazy. In plus, for extra pleasure, you can put on a blindfold, or even a sleep mask, while your man goes down. These days, Basel escorts are very popular because they can offer intense physical pleasure, and that’s why men look for them. You should highly improve your sex life so that your partner can feel sexually fulfilled and not look somewhere else for what he needs.

Use a pillow

When your partner gives you oral sex, it is very important to be in the right position. This means that you must make sure that the angle is excellent for experiencing the most amazing sensations. Sex in general, as well as oral sex, are all about the angles. Several positions give a better clitoral stimulation. It is highly recommended to use a pillow. Place it under your butt and open your legs as wide as possible. We guarantee that you will have the most intense orgasm ever in just a few minutes. By doing so, your man will have more access to your vagina, vulva, and clitoris. The most experienced escorts can be found on lEscort, and all women can learn lots of interesting things from them, regarding how to satisfy a man.

On all fours

The doggy-style position is also excellent for intense oral sex. Get into this position and hover a few inches above your man’s face. This will allow you to move closer as well as further away, to feel the pressure of your partner’s tongue. You will be more in control, and the experience will surely be unforgettable and you will want to repeat it over and over again.

Stand against the wall

Stand with your back pressed up against a wall, while your man squats on his knees below you. You will probably not feel very comfortable with this position in the beginning, but you will surely learn how to relax over time. On the other hand, men who want an amazing oral sex experience, are invited to go for escort sex. These days, most sex workers are extremely experienced, and they offer a wide range of services.