What does sex mean to men?

Men love sex and they consider it very important in a relationship. They want to have it as often as possible because this is how they show their power and love. Here are some important things about sex that a woman wants to know!

Lots of men date escorts

You will often see men dating a professional escort Geneve. That’s because they want to experience a hot date and passionate sex. They know that they can learn lots of interesting and useful things in terms of sex. Plus, they have the opportunity to make all their fantasies come true. Some guys date call girls for trying something new, whereas others go on these dates because they feel lonely. Even if it’s hard to believe, they feel lonely and they want to talk to someone they know that won’t judge them. This often happens with men who are in unhappy relationships or even marriages.

important things about sex

They respond to the praises

Men are not very different from women when it comes to compliments related to sex life. The praises can come before reaching the bedroom. They make men feel safer. They have all kinds of concerns, one of them is even related to the size of the sexual organ, even if it does not show this. Try to consider their sensitivity.

They are afraid of being intimidated

But don't think about anything! Studies show that, until the age of adolescence, boys are more affectionate. Moreover, they are even more expressive than girls. After that, from a social point of view, these reactions are repressed. The teenager who transforms, step by step, into a man expresses his feelings much harder.

What should we do? First of all, to understand that the post-sex withdrawal of most men can be because they want a connection with us. Secondly, it is important to offer him a bit of "space". You must allow him to realize that the habits he had in childhood are, in fact, normal. Men should be more honest with women. They must understand that women appreciate honesty.

Appreciate sex for the sake of sex!

In the opinion of certain psychologists and sexologists, men like wild sex. For men, it is not about dominating their partner but seducing them. When the opportunity arises, let him do this, but try to enjoy yourself.

Men are not represented only by their genital organ

There are many other erogenous areas. Men tend not to correct women because they are afraid that they will not stop or get stuck and touch them at all. The other "spicy" places would be the chest, the inside of the thighs, and the face. We recommend two key actions to give your partner greater pleasure during sexual intercourse. Gently grab the testicles (it can be very exciting), or stimulate the perineum, the area that is between the scrotum and anus.

Encourage their fantasies

Men want to share their fantasies with their partners. Yet, they are afraid that they will be judged. At the same time, they would please the woman next to her to reveal, in turn, the most hidden desires. Do you want to open up and try this? Take it as a play. The first and most important thing you have to do is not judge him. Then take advantage of a moment when you are alone and write on a paper what would tempt you.

For each fantasy, do a ticket and finally place them in a box. The same is true for him. When you are in privacy, extract a ticket from the box and if you both agree with what is written, then try it! This is a very nice way to improve your sex life. If you feel like your sex life has become boring, then it is time to do something new. Make sure you try new positions and even bring some sex toys into the bedroom. Talk to your partner before you try anything new. Set boundaries if necessary. Also, make sure you are honest about your desires. Your partner should do the same.

improve your sex life

Honesty and good communication will make things work. Will make you and your partner have a better connection. Plus, your intimate life will become hotter and you will be more satisfied. There is always a place for new and exciting things to try in bed. If you don’t know what to do, then maybe you should watch some porn. You can find the inspiration you need in these movies. You can improve your relationship, but only if both of you agree to try something different. Do not let routine get in your way.

Sexual fantasies are very important

We all have sexual fantasies. You must listen to your partner’s fantasies and do your best to make them real. Do not judge him or laugh at him. This is a sign of disrespect and you should not do this if you want to be happy and satisfied. A fulfilling sex life means that both partners are honest with each other. Plus, they are very open-minded and communicate their desires, as well as their boundaries. Great sex life can bring lots of amazing benefits to any relationship, which is why you need to make it a priority.

It doesn’t matter that you are busy with your work or with your children. You must never forget to pay attention to sex and to what needs improvement. If sex is not good in a couple, then one of the partners, if not both, will be unhappy. They will most probably cheat, and they could even break up. On the other hand, it is recommended for young guys to date escorts. This way, they can learn more about sex and about what women want in bed. They can learn more about what they need to feel satisfied and happy. And all these things will help them in the future to have a fulfilling sex life and relationship.