What women think about during sex

What women think about during sex

There is no doubt that men and women as well think about lots of things during sex, but the truth is that these things are totally different. Men can find out now what women actually tkink about during the sexual act. Here are some of their thoughts.

Am I attractive enough?

This is a very common thought that most women have while they’re having sex. In fact, this is the main reason why many of them don’t even have an orgasm. They are just so busy with this thought and others as well, that they forget to enjoy to the fullest the entire moment. Ladies, men don’t even look at this sort of things, they are too busy satisfying you, and that’s why you need to stop asking yourself if you are attractive enough or not. If you are looking for free sex4u, then escorts are definitely not the best option.

Should we try a different position?

Don’t think about this, just try it. Men absolutely love when women take the intiative, wich means that you must confidently give it a go. In fact, men who are not in a relationship usually date call girls, so that they can satisfy all the sexualy fantasies they have. They like a lot the fact that these ladies are experienced and that they take the initiative in bed, which is exactly what you need to do with your partner, in order to avoid that he goes for adultwork services. As a woman, you need to make sure your man is completely satisfied, as well as viceversa. lEscort is a very popular escort directory.  

Can he feel how fat I am?

Well, this negative thought will definitely destroy the entire intimate act. If you are thinking ink about this, and if you really want to enjoy the moment, then make sure you get rid of this awful thought. It doesn’t matter if you have some extra weight because your man will not even notice this in bed. Women think way too much during sex, instead of relaxing and enjoying to the fullest the touches, the emotions, as well as the amazing sensations.

Do I smell good?

You certainly smell good, so stop worrying about it. Simply, enjoy your man and concentrate on the sexual act. Do not think about the smell anymore, because this way you will ruin everything, especially your own pleasure. After all, the reason for making sex is to feel pleasure and not to stress yourself out.

How do I look in this position?

This is another common thing that lots of women think about while having sex. If you are in a relationship, then you have definitely get rid of this thought, but if you have just met a man, you most probably think about this while having sex. Well, specialists in  sex say that men don’t notice anything while having sex, they are actually looking at you and see you extremely beautiful, feminine, and sensual. Any position you choose, for them will be quite erotic. Therefore, stop thinking about how you look in a certain position and start focus on the pleasure.