What You Must Do to Have a Satisfying Sex Life

Sex is still a taboo subject. Yet, it can make a difference between a happy relationship and one in which frustrations occur. The good news is that there are many things people can do to bring their sexual life back to the right track.

Sexual welfare goes hand in hand with mental, physical, and emotional health. Good communication, a healthy lifestyle, and balanced sex life can help you withstand difficult moments.

Sex is a taboo subject

What does satisfactory sex life mean?

Sex is much more than a physical act, it is a kaleidoscope of emotions. Many people decide to have sex with an escort Lugano, which is not something bad. It is important to understand that every person sees sex in a different way. What I like in terms of sex might not be what you like. From love, emotion, and sensitivity to anxiety, and disappointment - reactions are as varied as sexual experiences.

Many people will face all these emotions during sexual life. At a primary level, sex is just another hormone-driven body function designed to perpetuate the species. This vision underestimates the complexity of human sexuality. All social experiences help model sexuality. The understanding every man has about himself as a sexual being is a key in the ability of each one to develop and maintain a fulfilled sexual life.

How can you communicate effectively with your sexual life partner?

Communication is essential for a satisfactory sexual life. Many couples do not communicate well. When sexual problems arise, feelings of shame, guilt and resentment can affect communication. Establishing a dialogue is the first step not only for better sex life but also for a closer emotional connection.

Find the right time to talk

There are two types of sexual conversations: the ones you have in the bedroom and those you have at other times. It is okay to tell your partner what you are enjoying when you make love. Yet, it is better to wait until you are in a neutral setting to discuss these intimate details. Avoid critical suggestions about what you would like. Sexual problems should be addressed as challenges that need to be solved together. And, again, communication is very important and it should be as honest as possible.

Talk to the partner about what you feel, about your body, especially during menopause, but not only. Some hormonal problems that can influence libido and implicit sexual life may arise. It is advisable to talk to the partner about the changes through which your body passes. You must avoid hiding them and giving rise to unfounded suspicions and thoughts. In the case of men, erection problems, for example, should be discussed with the partner and found solutions together. With patience and love, every situation can be solved.

You might think you're protecting your partner's feelings simulating an orgasm. Yet, you actually create an unhealthy precedent. It is true that it can be really challenging to talk about sexual problems. Yet, note that the level of difficulty increases once the problem is buried under years of lies and resentment. If you think you must take some steps to make your sexual life more interesting, here are a few steps to help you do it right.

  1. Try Yoga to extend orgasm

A study in India shows that men can improve their orgasm duration, by practicing yoga for an hour every day. The same study showed that men were able to withstand 3 times more during a sexual relationship with their partner. Stretching and isometry are the best posts to try when looking to improve pelvic muscles. These positions also improve the strength of the core and will help you rest more in bed.

  1. Connect with your partner

Communicate with your partner and remember those good times when you met or have had the first sexual relationship. Think of all those aspects. Think about your partner's qualities that you have really admired in the past. Try to return to the same behavior you have at the beginning of the relationship. However, this can take a long time to reload chemistry. You can also do lots of new and exciting things to bring the passion again. Be creative and forget about worries and problems. Simply enjoy yourself just like you used to do when you were at the beginning of the relationship.

  1. Bucked your seafood

Oysters' consumption for breakfast can help men experience high levels of sex hormones. The research found that oysters contain amino acids that increase sex hormones. Next time you go on a date with your partner, make sure you order oysters to prepare for a hot sexual experience. Go for a romantic dinner and then continue the night at home, together, enjoying a glass of wine and passionate moments.

  1. Enjoy a porn movie together before you engage in sexual activities

Watching porn before sex will help improve your sexual response. This is mainly due to the fact that the erotic scenes will improve the blood flow. They will increase the heart rate and give a boost to your cardiovascular system. All this improves performance during sex. So, forget about inhibitions and prepare for a hot and intense night with your partner.

  1. Have sex in the morning
spice your sex life

Most couples do not engage in any sexual activity in the morning. Make time for this and you will discover how to spice your sex life easily. Morning sex will help you improve your overall mood and it will even help you finish strongly. This is because testosterone levels grow overnight and are generally ready to go.

  1. Aphrodisiacs

You can find some good options in terms of aphrodisiacs. Some of the products that can be used as lubricants have aphrodisiac properties. Using these products to improve your sexual performance will help you spice your sexual life. Plus, there are many other things you can try. All you need to do is deep research and you will surely find what you need.