What you need to know about sex work and sex trafficking

What you need to know about sex work and sex trafficking


Many people don’t know how to make the difference between the terms ’’sex trafficking’’, ’’sex work’’, and ’’prostitution’’. While the first two terms involve prostitution by definition, sex work entails a willing engagement in commercial sex. On the other hand, sex trafficking involves deceit, force, or coercion.

One of the most popular sex workers in the world is Lausanne escorts. This is because the Swiss are a very rich country with lots of wealthy men who are looking for fun and good sex. Anyone who wants to experience sex in different forms should definitely plan a date with a professional call girl. The concept of sex work has been altogether refuted by many activists who argue that prostitution is a form of exploitation. Plus, it is never a choice.

However, some states recognize the existence of willing prostitution which is an illegal activity in some places. Also, prostitution is criminalized in some countries, and prostitutes, as well as their clients, are being arrested and prosecuted according to state laws. When it comes to prostituted minors, they are actually recognized as victims and highly protected from criminalization through safe harbor laws. Despite all the protections, trafficking victims are still arrested all the time for the crime of prostitution.

Lots of sex workers are seeking help in abusive and dangerous situations. Furthermore, criminalization has created some sort of challenges for escorts seeking to leave the industry and reintegrate.  That’s because criminal records make getting employment quite difficult. As we all know, in some countries, prostitution is legal. Sex workers or teeny Lausanne escorts can do their job without being arrested. We are talking about the ones who are working for legal agencies.

The other ones who work independently are still doing this job even though it is illegal because they do not declare their incomes. In the past few years, there has been a growth in the sex industry sector. The bad news is that there haven’t been taken any effective measures against sex trafficking. Whereas the legalization of prostitution in some states would never legalize trafficking, many argue that it allows traffickers to operate with ease.

That being said, decriminalizing prostitution is something that would help at preventing the arrest of trafficking victims. Unfortunately, sex workers remain vulnerable to rape, abuse, or post-traumatic stress. Some voices say those sex workers are more likely to have sex with police officers than to be arrested. This certainly indicates the dangers of sex workers as well as sex trafficking victims face when they have to do with authorities.

The health of escorts and sex trafficking victims depends on the state and its federal law, and also on the gender dynamics and societal norms. Whether states still want to criminalize prostitution or to legalize it, the current legal model must be performed to better address these problems. Since the sex industry continues to grow, and there are no signs that it will stop, the authorities must pay special attention and take all the necessary measures to combat sex trafficking.