What you need to know about sexual arousal

Traditionally, the prelude is considered a method addressed by men to prepare a woman for sexual intercourse. Currently, it has become an integrated, essential stage in the process of intimate act.

There are certain situations when a sexual date can be an intense, orgasmic, satisfying experience. Yet, most women emphasize, at a time (once with age and duration) on what does the importance of prelude in the couple's life.

sexual date satisfying experiene

What is a sexual prelude?

Sexual prelude gives each partner the opportunity and time to prepare for sexual activity. Whether we are talking about a date with your partner or a date with an escort Genève, sexual prelude plays a very important role. Without engaging in a prelude, some men cannot maintain a strong erection needed for penetration or for a prolonged sexual act. But a woman without a prelude will not get the desired excitement level to prepare his body and mind for various sexual activities.

The woman's vagina produces during prelude the necessary lubrication for easy penetration. Otherwise, sexual intercourse can be painful or even impossible. Sexual prelude has an important role in eliminating the problem of vaginal dryness. It can also eliminate various types of vaginal pain. Plus, it can help men who suffer from certain erectile dysfunctions. Over time, our bodies suffer changes, so erogenous areas are subject to certain physical changes.

lubrication for easy penetration

Sexual arousal help you know your body better

Couples need to engage in a prelude to learn their bodies, discover their erogenic points. This is how the partner can be stimulated and increase mutual trust. The partners will need a little diversity and extra help for complete excitement and getting maximum pleasure. Through sexual arousal, you will get to know your body better. Plus, you will also get to know your partner’s body better. Therefore, you will be able to experience lots of pleasure, in many ways, ways that you never imagine existed.

From a technical point of view, the prelude is a preparation for the act of intimate love. Yet, the art and technique of its realization should not be underestimated. It includes stimulating sexual characteristics and the various erogenous areas of the body. This is how the physical and emotional connection between the partners is created. The prelude may also be a good indicator of the level of interest that partners exhibit in each other.

Prelude is different for women than it is for men

The type and prelude techniques for the two sexes are different. That's due to differences in sex perception as activity and depth of the living. Men who initiate a prelude to the passion and desire of their partner, are not as sensitive as women in subtle signs and messages. On the other hand, women excite the entire male reproductive system in the prelude with oral sex, and not only. If you really want to have the best time ever, then you should try anything you want in terms of sex.

The myth according to which men excite much faster than women distract attention from the importance of prelude. It is true that a man who thinks of sex immediately has an erection. It is also true that sexual desire in a woman is not enough for a successful sexual act, but the prelude is equally important for both couple partners. The prelude serves both a physical purpose and an emotional purpose. The prelude should always exist before the sexual act itself.

Sexual prelude is extremely important to have a healthy and productive sexual life. Sexual education plays an essential role in a couple's sexual life. Understanding the importance of prelude to your education will help you have a happy sex life. Intimate sex is not just a privilege, but also a responsibility for each of the partners.

Aware of the importance of prelude, you learn a number of activities such as hugs, the art of stripping the partner / A, kissing art, and oral sex. These are methods of stimulating sexual desire in the prelude. Removing any fun, stress and eventual female interruptions get the key elements of pleasant sex, intense: the joy of intimacy.

Sexual prelude is extremely important

How much should the sexual arousal last?

The sexual prelude begins as soon as the intentions of one or both partners are revealed. Some prelude techniques apply long before reaching intimate sexual contact, or even in an intimate space. Deep visual contact, hand touch, touching feet, thighs, erotic conversation, kisses on the neck. All of these are just a few preliminary techniques.

As for the duration of the prelude, this is a personal thing and depends on the two partners. Yet, as mentioned earlier sexual arousal should never be ignored because it plays a very important role in the sexual act. Sometimes, the sexual arousal can last only a few minutes, whereas other times it can last quite a long time. It is more than important to do what you feel and what makes you feel comfortable.

Sex is very pleasant and very healthy as well. Both women and men can enjoy lots of benefits from this deep intimacy and connection. So, if you really want to have a great time and experience intense pleasure and orgasms, then you need to make love and enjoy a long and satisfying prelude. There are people who take sex to a whole different level and they have intense orgasms even without penetration.

For deep pleasure, you can try erotic massages offered by professionals and tantric massages that will make you feel incredibly good. Sexual pleasure doesn’t only mean having normal sex. It could also mean other intense techniques and moves that can make you feel amazing and sexually fulfilled. Sex is so complex that every couple should always try all sorts of new and exciting things in bed. Things should never get boring because there is always something new to try in terms of sex. Consider this advice and you will soon see how your sex life will improve.