Why so many guys cheat these days?

Men like women and therefore sexual diversity. They have a strong desire to be with different women because it is very easy for them to reproduce. It is in their DNA to be with lots of women. Of course, this is not an excuse for cheating their romantic partner.

The problem of men who cheat is exaggerated

There are also lots of men who do not cheat. Studies show that less than 50% of men report that they have cheated on their partners with an escort Lausanne. Not all men have the courage nor the power to break the stability of the relationship. Yet, they also do not want to lose the opportunity to experience sex with other women. Yet, we must not characterize men in general behavioral terms in which we all are enrolled.

experience sex with other women

Also, it is important to know that some people cheat because they don’t have a satisfying sex life. While some may only want a new and exciting experience, others want to have a satisfying sex life. They want to have a sexual partner who can satisfy all their wishes and desires. They want to try everything in bed. And, since they cannot do this with their partners, they decide to date professional escorts.

They want to have the best time ever and make all their sexual fantasies come true. Of course that there are also women who do the same, and who are we to judge them? Every person in this world is free to do whatever he wants. Yet, the problem is when you continue having a serious relationship while seeing escorts or other people regularly. This is a problem.

Gender differences

We admit that there is a difference between the sexes. Indeed, more men than women cheat, but that does not mean that there are no men who are faithful to their relationships. If you try to save your marriage after an adventure knowing the causes of the infidelity, then you can do that.

Here are the most common causes of man's infidelity and women's. It is important to know that there are different types of extramarital adventures or infidelity. So, this changes how infidelity is understood.

If you know why the partner is in:

- You can determine if it is worth saving or not the relationship or marriage

- You know exactly how to address the problem

- It is important to know how to deal with infidelity

Causes of Marital Infidelity

There are several causes of marital infidelity. You can check them out below:

- Unable to cope with cultural differences

- Unrealistic expectations for marriage

- Curiosity

- The relationship has become boring

- Dependence on physical intimacy

- The impossibility to communicate honestly and openly with the partner

- The same routine at home and work as well.

- Absence of motivation and the impossibility to solve the problems of the relationship together.

Emotional adventures are more common in women, while in men, the involvement is more sexual. Men cheat for physical and not emotional satisfaction. Yet, this is not true for all women and all men. Not all women are looking for emotional attachment and not all men feel the need to satisfy a physical need.

Wives who had adventures say they feel like they can not win at home. It is not the fault of your wives and is not a game where you can blame someone. Women think if they appreciate them too much, men will stop making beautiful things for them. It seems that it is true exactly the opposite.

Are men looking for more beautiful women than their wives?

men looking for more beautiful women

Well, in most cases, these women are not more beautiful than the wives of men that cheat. Cheating is not just about sex. Men who cheat find these women who make them feel alive, admired, masculine, and respected. Every woman that finds out that her partner has cheated on her, will have only one thought. That thought would be if that woman is more beautiful than her.

Very often, women don’t understand that it is not about being more beautiful but about being more open-minded to try everything in bed. There are lots of things that men are looking for when it comes to sex, and beauty is not in the first place. To be super sexy and attractive, a woman must incite a man with her attitude. She must love her body and she must not have inhibitions.

So, ladies, forget about all your inhibitions and make the most of your intimacy in your relationship. You will see how much things will improve and how great you will feel. Plus, your partner will never cheat on you if you satisfy him from all points of view. Be feminine, dress nicely, ve seductive, and get rid of any complex you may have. By doing so, you will be super attractive and very charming to the man in your life.

Men are very emotional, even if this is hard to believe. The stereotype as men are nonemotional is not true, they just express themselves. 66% of men say they feel guilty after cheating. They are not just insensitive. 68% of those have never thought they will do so. Of course, the guilt is not enough to stop a man cheat. Partners in a couple must talk about their problems and make things work.

Cheating is not a solution, not for men and nor for women either. Maybe you will feel good for a moment, but the problems will still exist. You must solve the cause that produced the problem and not just solves the symptoms. Both partners must work on their relationship to make it work. And, when it comes to intimacy, there are some important things that you must pay attention to. Communication and attraction are essential.