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frenks - Boys escort in Geneva


I'm helpful am a listening ear you can air your heart with me. Tarzan in the town 💦💦💦 I'm helpful am a listening ear you can air your heart with me. Tarzan in the town 💦💦💦



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Blackmustang - Boys escort in Basel


Text is coming i will see what it is at all, please give me some moment too put my text!!!



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ApolinarXxl - Boys escort in Lausanne


Open for any kind of sex. experienced, educated, good manners Offen für jede Art von Sex. erfahrene, gebildete, gute Manieren



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Sam Gaines - Boys escort in Zurich

Sam Gaines

Have you ever craved for a connection that would leave you feeling fulfilled emotionally, spiritually, and physically? Do you want to know what it feels like to experience real Intimacy with a man? Whether I am giving you a massage, traveling with you, or spending a romantic evening with you, I create intimacy with you. And that comes from who I am as a person. What you get with me is real. I am



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Luke - Boys escort in Geneva


Hi Everyone!  Are you looking for a Massage, a great chat, or something more? You are on the right path because I could give You exactly what are You looking for!  However that is not the only thing I could do for You, there is much more behind my innocent look!  I’m a Simple, Optimistic, Open-minded, Intelligent guy, into Health & Fitness, very good listener! 



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