Sex positions that guys love

Sex positions that guys love


Men love when their partners feel free in bed and do whatever crosses their mind. They want you to feel comfortable and try all sorts of positions and techniques. It doesn’t matter how you look, they won’t notice anything but your attitude. So, ladies, you should be open-minded when it comes to sex if you really want to satisfy your partner. For some inspiration, here are the sex positions that guys absolutely love.

When you take it slow

A man will absolutely love when you take it slow. Not only women like to be touched, kissed, and hugged, but men as well. So, next time you are in bed with your man, take your time to kiss him. A lot of oral will also drive him crazy. Leave all your inhibitions at the door, and enjoy your man’s body as much as possible.

Slow tongue movements across random body parts will make any guy feel amazing. In general, the licking should progress into sucking for the most intense feeling ever. Zurich escorts are experts in sex and they know what guys like. That’s why they have so many clients.

When you lay on your sides

This position is a very intimate one. Men also like intimate positions. You can look at each other while you are having sex. Plus, this position allows you to have control over the speed and intensity as well. Also, in this position, most women reach the climax a lot faster and experience more intense sensations.

When you throw your ankles over his shoulders

This position is one that lots of men like. In this position, the penetration feels deeper for both partners. Not only the woman will feel amazing but the man as well. The feeling is even more intense if the woman’s butt is hanging a little bit off the bed. What escorts do in bed is something that many women wonder. Well, they do everything and they don’t have inhibitions at all.

When you have sex in new places

Once in a while, you should have sex in a new place with an escort from This will add some spice to your relationship. Plus, it will make you experience the most amazing sensations ever. You can choose to go to a hotel or have sex outdoors. There are so many places where you can have sex with your partner, that it won’t be difficult choosing one.

When you have sex on the couch

Reverse cowgirl is a position that guys like a lot. Seeing their partner’s butt while touching her entire body is something that drives them crazy.

When you do doggy style

For lots of men, there is nothing better than watching a woman’s ass. Moreover, this position makes the woman cum a lot faster and the orgasm is more intense for both partners.

When you have sex in front of a mirror

Anything in front of a mirror is a lot better than without a mirror. Giving your man a blowjob on your knees in front of the mirror is something that your partner will not forget too soon. Mirrors offer you the chance to go where your eyes can’t.