What actually turns a woman on

What actually turns a woman on: Surprising things that women like


Surprising things that women like


There are lots of things that men could do to turn a woman on. However, there are also some that most gentlemen have no idea about. If you are a man, then continue reading this article for more useful information about this subject.

Sensual massage

A sensual massage is not only super relaxing but also very stimulating for a woman. No matter how tired she is, she will quickly have more energy and be ready for sex. If you don’t know how to make an erotic massage, then the good news is that you can learn it. There are many ways in which you can learn how to make a sensual massage. You can either date a professional escort who offers this kind of service, or you could watch adult movies. Choose the option that suits you best and then offer your girlfriend the best experience ever. For a memorable sensual massage, men can date Lugano escorts. They will feel some unique sensations. Plus, they will learn the techniques of making an erotic massage, which will help them offer later a sensual massage to their future partner.

A hot bath or shower

Even though a woman is not in the mood, she will be in the mood if she takes a hot shower. Even better, she should have a hot bath with some essential oil that will awake all her senses. The hot water will help her relax very good and once the body is completely relaxed, the mind will be the same. So, the woman will be ready for sex, no matter how tired she was before the bath. So, gentlemen, if your girlfriend is tired or has a headache, prepare for her a hot bath. You will certainly be happy with the result.

Porn movies

Believe it or not, lots of women like watching porn movies to be ready for sex. Moreover, in most cases, the woman will be even more excited to make love to you. You can watch the movie together and talk about the positions you would like to try for an even better experience. This is something that will definitely add some spice to your relationship. So, make sure you try it with your partner to have a fulfilling sex life. You can improve your sex life by dating professional and hot call girls from lEscort. These girls are attractive and they can do exactly what you see in adult movies.


All women want affection in bed. They don’t only need sex but affection as well. So, the man must not forget about the kisses, touches, and hugs to make the woman feel aroused. You should never rush with penetration because this will cause lots of discomfort to the girls. Instead, take your time and explore her entire body. Kiss her from head to toes, touch her skin and her hair, and even lick her on the erogenous zones. After only a few minutes you will see that she will beg you to penetrate her.